Did the Libs show this much outrage over Bill Clinton’s cheating, and his lying under oath about it?

Did they demand he resign? Why are Libs such hypocrites?

No. As far as they are concerned, the Libs they vote for can do anything they want, as long as they further The Agenda.

He was impeached! and it was this HUGE scandal and people made jokes for years, he just kinda came back around and resurfaced not too long ago and became less of a joke, his big comeback was his book and that was only a few years ago, up until then he was pretty silent or people would make jokes. You actually sound like the hypocrite because it was the Repubs who had a sh*t fit in the first place and wanted him impeached! Jeez how old are you? Were you even alive back then cause this question makes me think you weren’t and are very young or just not watching the news back then but it was HUGE and I don’t think it was easy for him at all, NO ONE wanted to be Clinton at that time cause he was getting burned everywhere, jokes, newspaper, news, he was a freakin president not some congressman*. Like I said, he was IMPEACHED! and no one can say that except for him and Nixon and that is something that will be with him forever. So yes there was WAY more outrage for Clinton. I don’t think it even compares.

No, the libs didn’t but the Republicans sure did. As a matter of fact, Governor Sanford was one of the critics who said Clinton should resign. The world sure is round.

You’ve just had 2 cheating dogs with an (R) behind their names within the past two weeks or so. Then there is a website about 2 pages long of “Republican Criminals”. I think that’s even the name of the site. Republicans a plenty having sex with CHILDREN! Boys and girls! And you think you’ve got room to talk about Clinton (who I don’t defend like you who defend cheaters!)! You’re defending that Sanford dude and he cheated on YOUR dime. How silly is that! You all need to just get rid of that “morals and values” crap! Who do you think you’re fooling with that BS????

Frankly, I’m fed up with politicians in Washington lecturing the rest of us about family values. Our families have values. But our government doesn’t.

BILL CLINTON, speech at Democratic National Convention, July 16, 1992

Nobody’s outraged; these latest revelations are just fascinating soap operas.

I haven’t heard anyone demanding resignations. Those cheaters are taking it upon themselves to resign from certain offices.

No they didn’t. And as far as them being hypocrites, it seems it runs on both sides. Shame on both men for what they have done. Shame on everyone who is cheating not only on his wife but also on the vows they took and swore to uphold. Shame on them who have no values and think they can do a fine job as our leadership. Republican and Democrat alike are shameful for their poor choices.

We vote for people we think will be the example we can look up to. We want politicians to be our voices to our government. Adultery at this level is not just a man cheating on his wife, it is negligent of his duty, shameful to the ones who voted for him and completely unacceptable regardless of party.

They can’t help it; they have been programmed to adapt to their candidates shortcomings and to make excuses for whatever it is that they do wrong. When it comes to any Republican or Conservative doing anything at all, they want to hang them in the center of the town square; they are just so offended and put off when the offensive behavior comes from the other side. At least this guy didn’t lie about it; he apologized and took responsibility and, it is more than likely that he will be booted from office by his own party, by the way, since THEY believe that when you do something unacceptable, you have to pay the consequences. (You don’t see that with any Dem who breaks the law, steals, cheats, lies or commits adultry (or even rape . . . remember how quick they were to cover up, dismiss and forgive Bill Clinton?)

Please find me ONE bill or demand by Bill Clinton on legislating morality and I will express outrage over his behavior. You fail to understand the issue. His affair is HIS business, not ours. Our problem is that BOTH Ensign and Sanford, along with Foley and Craig and Vitter ALL championed, pushed for, demanded, and/or signed ‘morality’ legislation…..denying freedom and liberty to people who didn’t adhere to their personal moral code. Thus, when THESE people are caught in sex scandals, it is incredibly hypocritical, as THEY were the ones touting the ‘sanctity of marriage’ from the start. THEY couldn’t and didn’t adhere to their own moral standards….but demand and legislate that others adhere to it.

Because those libs knew that Bill and Hillary have a marriage of convenience. Something they had to do in order to get that free handout from the government called a marriage tax subsidy. Marriage legislation forced them to marry each other so Bill could be President and Hillary could get her marriage money and still have her gay lovers.

Come on. This is not rocket science people.

Some did; some didn’t.

Of course, Clinton wasn’t the first to tell someone who committed infidelity to resign.

Guess which politician was….He has been to Argentina recently.

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