Do you consider a 15 year old and 18 year old together wrong?

My friend has just turned 18 and he is going out with a 15 year old he met online (on a teen support forum I introduced him to), now she was 14 and he was 17 when they met and started dating, and they live about 30 minutes by car from eachother. They’ve been together 6 months and they haven’t had sex yet…

The age difference doesn’t seem to be the problem here.

You’re basically saying that your friend is a little emotionally unstable, so I think the right question is should he be in a relationship at all.

If two people who are mature and ready for a relationship at ages 15 and 18 are dating, that’s fine. Since girls mature a bit quicker, the age gap is not actually that significant.

But if your friend can’t handle himself or being by himself (you said that he likes to latch on), he should not be using a girlfriend as a safety line. Try to find help for him some other ways.

it may seem wrong on so many levels to different ppl.if you think about it it does but also it’s only 3 yrs that’s no big deal.when I was 15 I was also in a relationship with an 18 yr old.he was my first love and I believe I was his.but all I can say is you cnt help who you love and if it’s not about sex then I think it’s fine bc ur bonding on a whole diff level that dsnt incvolve the physical stuff.he has been through a lot and he needs some1 to comfort him and the girl that he found happens to be younger.its fine he needs her as long as it is not bout sex

Not at all, after all puberty has most girls developed into very close women by the time their 15-17, and after all most marriages are 3-5 years difference in age, plus if it’s love it’s love age doesn’t make a difference, as long as they wait for sex until she’s legal, I’m totally behind them

I think its okay, their ages are just numbers. F u c k what other people have to say about their relationship, its only between your friend and his girlfriend. Tell him to not let his past interfere with his future with this girl. So tell him to block the people that are criticizing him and to go on with his life. To look up and to be happy. (:

-ValerieVagina :]

i honestly don’t think its wrong i’m married to someone that is almost 5 years older than me but he does need to be concerned about the people who don’t approve of it because they can and may get him in trouble with the law because she is considered a minor and now he is consider an adult i think he just needs to be very careful because even if says they haven’t had sex they can still charge him…but like i said i don’t think it is wrong at all….

I don’t think it is. Imagine if he was 23 and she was 20 no one would care so what’s the difference now there just 3 years apart big deal.


yess it is wrong

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