Do you have a sibling that’s 20 years older or younger than you?

My sister, Margo, is 20 years younger than me…

Yea( 20 Years Older) My Sister Lee Marie…Well Not Actually Related (Hopefully) `Why??` – Because she’s from my dad’s side [ he married like 6 woman and i think shes from the 3rd or 4th woman] – She Doesn’t Really Care I Haven’t Seen Her Since I Was 5 … When I Was Born And She Saw The Suffering My Mom Went Through She Said ” Ill Never Have Children” She Ended Up With 6….But My True Non Related Sister ( God Sister) Was When We Met In 2nd Grade.. We’ve Been Friends Ever Since, Same Name, Same Month Born, Same Country Born, Same Year Born, 2 Days Apart Birth-Date.. Now She Moved :[ … We Still Keep In Touch, I Hope I’ll See Her Again Soon…That’s Mhy Storie!!!

Not 20 years…my oldest half sister is about 22 years older than me, if I remember correctly.

Yea I have one that is 22 years older!

No, but all but four of my first cousins on both parents’ sides are at least twice my age. I am 18, by the way.

I was born in August 1975, and my youngest sister was born in October 1995.

no..i’m 14 years older than my sister though

oh wow…im 20 years older than my cousin


My brother who is elder than me

not me

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