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Dont get me wrong i love Ron and hermione BUT the thought of draco and hermione as a couple is really starting to grow on me–anywaysss this is what i have so far


Few years prior- Hermione’s birthday party

Malfoy played with the ring in his pocket, waiting for the perfect…

I think you can have this anonymous pen pal program, and Hermione and Draco meet. Then the program has a masquerade ball for the people to meet each other, but when they must remove their masks they realize who the other is and run off. But later they remember what they loved about their pen pals and become friends. Draco however has fallen in love with Hermione. Then your story number 1 falls in place. And if you want, maybe Draco can throw the ring away, and Harry finds it, and on the box their is some inscription from Draco to Hermione, and Harry is painfully reminded of Snape and Lily.

Number 2 is much better.

My biggest problem with the first idea is that it’s very out of character. It all seems very ridiculous. I can’t really see Draco becoming friends with Hermione, both Ron and Draco proposing at the same time, Ron cheating on her with an actress, Draco giving Hermione a make-over. Really? Draco giving Hermione a make-over? That had me laughing out loud. I just don’t see it.

Number 2 is a lot more believable in the way that they learn to know each other through letters. That allows both of them to gradually ease into the romance, without having to deal with the prejudice that both of them have for each other. It will be a big shock when they discover each other’s true identities, but hopefully they’ll remember the person they fell in love with, and will be willing to give the whole thing a try.

Unless you have some other way for Draco to learn of his pen pal’s identity, you could have him overhear Ron and Harry talking about how Hermione was supposed to meet her pen pal at the ball. Hermione would try to avoid him, as she’d be too repulsed at having fallen in love with someone like him. You could have Draco find Hermione and apologise for everything he’s ever done. If he manages to show how sincere he is, Hermione might be more forward about giving Draco a chance.


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