Does it concern any of the Rev. Wright bashers that they are promoting the hate they supposedly detest?

Rev. Wright and his former congregation have received numerous threats. Rev. Wright had to cancel several engagements because of death threats. The Trinity United congregation has had to restrict their humanitarian work because of death threats. I don’t expect Wright bashers to care Rev. Wright has been praised…

The people who are hating on Rev. Wright, they were undercover racists..and now they think it’s safe to come out of the closet. They feel the comments he made “justifies” their attacks.

Don’t agree with the Aids Comment, but hey there was the Syphillis experiment that destroyed some Black men.

He spoke mostly the truth, whether people want to hear or not. God calls ministers to speak truth, and not to be afraid of man. Rev. Wright quoted Ambassodor Peck who is a white man, concerning Amercia’s chickens coming home to roost. People shouldn’t be offended since he named all the ails that our country has is a part of History. How can we heal as a people without self-examination..and that’s what Wright was trying to get people to look at.

I also blame the media, they’re partly to blame. They should not have taken the most controversial statements and compressed them into a 30 second tape. They never showed what Wright really said. CNN did put the transcript on Anderson’s Cooper blog a week later after instigating hatred. They could have played the sermon if they wanted to make things right. News Media are supposed to report the Whole Truth..but they didn’t

I’m a Woman of God, and have watched many ministers preach. There’s Rod Parsley, John Hagee, Rev. Meeks,etc. who are all said to be controversial. People don’t like the truth, because it hurts.

The news needs to go back and pull ALL the sermons preached on Hurricane Katrina and 911 (Hagee said it happened from gay people) and I’m sure their socks would be knocked off by BLACk and WHiTE preachers.

The Word of God is true, and hey no man can contest it.

The only change the haters are about is trying to change how Obama is doing in the Polls.

This negative tone of the election turns me off.

i’m valuable he replaced right into a good marine while he served. i’ve got faith that Reverend Wright found out after putting apart from the Marine Corp he could make a good residing preaching his bigoted sermons to keen listeners. Obama replaced right into a keen listener because of the fact it healthy him politically on the time to pretend to be Wright’s pal. Obama has for the reason that shown he’s in simple terms yet another scum-bag flesh presser and has thrown the Reverend below the bus…

congregation has had to restrict their humanitarian work because of death threats.

5 dollars says it was in a county that is not American? wanna bet?

hate begets hate. These people have as the word says

‘reaped what they have sown.”

Racist America doesn’t want to change. Hate is all they know and understand. This is why the Clinton camp uses racism against the American people. It always works, because they’re are enough racists in this country to keep it alive, while Bill and Hillary continue to count their millions.

Hate is an evil thing. Only those persons that carries around their beliefs of hate can change themselves.

The dear reverend said some mighty mean things about the country in which he claims to love. Some folks will not tolerate that type of behavior and it is their right to be offended by it!

Rev Wright, Obama, and his racist followers have brought all this on themselves with their Racist Propaganda. They are the ones that are dividing this country with their lies and racist views. I give them all the credit.

Sometimes hypocrisy knows no limits.

Nice try – it isn’t promoting hate. People are attacking his statements.


He brought it on himself

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