Duck and Chicken help!!!?

I have 4 chickens and 4 ducks including my duckling. I use to only have 1 male duck who I bought as a baby. He grew up with my 2 hens. I has gotten a roo and a free hen with him. Well it seems that my duck has been bitting at my chickens ever since the female ducks came. He does when he is in and out of the pen….

First off chickens and ducks cannot create offspring together. They are completely different species and do not share enough chromosomes in their dna to produce a hybrid cross. You can however cross a chicken with a turkey or a pheasant. Ducks display by biting at or mock biting at anything they feel is to close to their space. In a bid for dominance male ducks will chase each other around biting at the back end of each other. Being you have a rooster in with your hens are you sure the rooster is not the one causing to damage to the hens neck. In order for a rooster to breed a hen he has to grab the feathers on the back of her neck. Over time the feathers become broken dull and most of the time eventually pulled out. Male ducks will generally only try to breed other things when there is no female ducks present. I am more inclined to believe it is your roo who is at fault for the damage caused to the hens neck. Which is going to happen regardless. It is best to have at least 6 hens per every rooster you have. This prevents the rooster from overly breeding just a couple of hens. Next if you have a male duck that is indeed trying to breed with a chicken then he needs to be separated away from the chickens. Ducks are water fowl and have a penis. Roosters do not. A male ducks penis can cause damage to the hens reproductive organs and in some cases cause death. It would be a good idea to keep a close eye on all your birds till you figure out just exactly what is going on in the pen that way you can take the proper steps to fix the issues.

There is a possibility that they she will have an egg with a duck, but thats about 1%, most likey even though its sounds so simple, is that he just doesnt like her, i would keep him in a different cage/pen untill he seems to have stopped acting up, although i do not suggest keeping ducks and hens in the same Pen, as long as they all get along, they should be fine, just watch that little guy and see hows hes acting, that could be a real problem!

Good Luck!!!

Keep them in separate areas. The male duck is protecting his “girls”. He knows the others are different. If you have a huge area for them, like half an acre, you don’t have to separate them. They should choose to keep to themselves. Feed them in two areas or three. If you don’t have much room, pen them separately.

I’ve never heard of a duck/chicken combo. I don’t think it would work anyway. If it does work, you may make some money from that. LOL.

chickens and ducks cannot produce offspring. so they would not produce a deformed offspring. but he might be mating with the other female ducks and thinks his girls are threatened by the hens and that is why he is bitting at them hope this helped

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