FLAGRANT distortion, “spin” out of control in media coverage and campaign captions: who’s to blame?

Barack Obama claims to be, and the media always references him in the context of being an Afro-American.

The following definitions are taken from the on-line: “Dictionary.com”

(1) mulatto-“The offspring of one white parent and one black”.

(2) afro-american-“An American whose…

I believe People Are People . Who cares about race!

BUT, you raise a legitimate point because some in the ‘black’ community have claimed that Obama isn’t black enough for them . Oh really ! Those people ARE THE RACISTS !!

Could you even imagine any group of ‘whites’ saying a candidate wasn’t ‘white’ enough for them ? The MSM would CRUCIFY them as racists .

Media consolidation and corporate involvement are to blame for how the media operates today. I understand that a lot of the press people are rich and know nothing else. They snubbed Hillary. Is that their place? But as long as people continue to watch and stay quiet, it will only get worse.

I don’t care about race. It doesn’t make a person. Obama is a human being and an American. That’s all that matters to me. When will we all evolve to this point? He’s a person first.

Well, mulatto is considered by many to be a derogatory term. It has negative connotations toward being a mix. Also, he is Afro American. In your given definition, it doesn’t say all your ancestors have to be from Africa. You can be Afro-American with only some of your ancestors being from Africa.

I’m sure he feels his identity is closer to being of African descent then of Kansas descent, so that is how he identifies himself to someone without giving his entire genealogy record.

You really consider that FLAGARENT Spin? I mean seriously, its not like we are talking about an issue here, you talking about the color of his skin. Who cares? I’m not an Obama fan, but his skin color shouldn’t have anything to do with whether he is qualified or not. The fact that people even bring up his skin color is nothing but a smoke screen for the issues.

You are

And the rest of America that permits lying News to control the advertising Media

He has ancestors born in africa per the description. The description does not say “all” ancestors.

He’s a racist and doesnt want to be associated with 100% black. Black mother and fater.

As a matter of fact I think his latte colour is helping. As bad as it sounds I think it’s the truth

Afro American: civil rights,black power, panther
I think he doesnt want to be stuck to a minority.

As a mulatto….hey..white mother….iam one of you too, to the whites.

In everyday life people don’t walk around saying I’m “mulatto”. We’re either black, white, hispanic, or etc.

well, technically…ALL of our ancestors were born in africa

so by your 2nd definition….that’d make this cracka(me) an african american 🙂

Why are you so obsessed with Obama’s race?

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