Has anyone put up a free throw percentage like Ray Allen has this postseason?

I think he just went 6-6 again tonight, so he must be shooting something close to 98% at the free throw line. That is just unbelievable considering that he’s shot 60+ now. Sure he’s been terrible in all but a few games but at least he’s hitting his free throws.

Has anyone ever done this before in…

no, its really weird he has a video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6IPuD8bGd… saying that if you dont have shooting go to the foul line, he’s 6-6 at the foul line but he still cant make a jump shot or a 3 pointer

Well, Jeff Hornacek shot .931 throughout the 89′ playoffs.

But I’m sure many players have shot even better than that in the playoffs.

He’s one of the best. That means there have been people before him. According to the ESPN people, he has shot 93% from the free throw line. GO figure.

Shaq can beat it……….I think..

Mark Price is the king of the free throw!!!

i wanted to die at the same time as he neglected those 2 lol. yet occupation- .8934 His maximum share develop into in 08. His share develop into .9518. 4th proper in historic previous for free throws. That develop into the twelve months at the same time as he broke the record for most consecutive free throws made beating larry chook (71)

Mark Price was 202-214 in playoff games, that’s 94.4%. He was also a 90% freethrow shooter for his career.

hes just outta shape now. he’lll come back.

yea, there are indeed similar cases like larry bird and those in the good old times

its SAm cassell when KG and minnesota reach the west finals!!!
100% in free throw line…

Yep. larry bird, oscar robertson, rick barry, and calvin murphy have all had playoffs like this.

anfernee hardaway

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