(Helpppp!!!)Differences and similarities between the U.S. and Chinese culture???

I’m writting an essay about the differences and similarities between chinese and U.S culture, it includes their way of life , relationships between people etc…i have to write six paragraph,
can u tell me what to write in each paragragh??or any ideas that tell the diferences and similarities. Thank u!!!

idk do u

up to now i haven’t found out any similarities btwn them.but it’s 2 long to say here so i just can give u one.american:when u r invited for dinner,u shouldn’t come too early,late 10-15 ms is ok.u should bring some gift like candy or flower.the host will cook enough,n dont stay too late afer dinner n then the next day u should send a card to thank em.in chinese,the more u eat,the happier the host feel.they cook a lot so that u cant eat them all.eating much is enough to make the host feel happy.
in the weddings:in chinese,if u see a weddings by a chance,or u r a guest of a hotel where a weddings is going on,u can join them abitrarily without gift.they will even invite u even they dont know who u r,cuz to em,the more the merrier.so i dunno american do it!let me see,i suddenly forget it!!!!!!!!!!i’m studying chinese n chinese cult now so what i know about china is not litl.u can contact me [email protected] or try this website”britannica.com .i have never tried it but i heard that it’s quite good!good luck!

One difference is that Americans value the individual & individual’s success Vs Chinese valueing what is best for the community over what is best for oneself or one’s family. Another difference is that Americans generslly pick out his or her own future profession while in China professions are generally followed from what one’s family has done. Remember though that neither is always true in either culture. Another differnce is in the 2 country’s governments.

one similarity is the length of time people geerally recieve education. Another similarity would be that both cultures practice & reward monogamy rather than a type of polgamy. Both countries enjoy listening to pop music & have their own pop idols & both also have their own movie stars that they enjoy watching in movies. So the 2 cultures share similar outlets of media entertainment.

Interesting fact. The communists made war against many of the traditional chinese spheres of ancient knowledge, considering them “subversive”. By war, I mean, of course that they rounded up all the practioners and killed them. Anyway. The chinese culture fostered very advanced knowledge of the martial arts and the related medicinal arts (example Chi Gong). Thousands of years of knowledge was wiped out in a relatively short period of time by the communists.

But, not all of it was lost. Many of the advanced and powerful practitioners fled to the United States. Their schools now exist and teach in our country becoming a part of our culture.

One irony is that some of that knowledge survived in China too. For example, Falun Gong is becoming widespread in China, even among members of the communist party. This is a real problem for the communists. Falun Gong specifically targets a person’s morality, honing it and empowering it. Practitioners develop this part of themselves to a very great degree.

And moral people have no interest in doing evil things. This movement is changing the character of the chinese people in such a way that it is becoming damn difficult for the communists to get them to cooperate with their evil schemes. I think you will see a “soft” revolution of sorts in China where the people there tear down communism and institute democracy. It’s already happening to quite a large degree.

Western concepts of freedom empowered by ancient energetic practices and Kung Fu, both here and in China.

We both like Wal-Mart.
We both like Seshuan shrimp.
We both like noodles.
We both have repressive governments that support a wealthy elite.
We are both materialistic godless bastards who are willing to use others and trash the environment.

We are different because China has higher standards for automobile emissions than the US. Our car makers say it can’t be done and can’t sell cars in China. The Chinese say it can be done and can sell cars in the US along with Japan and the EU.

We are different because in the US we claim to follow the teachings of Jesus and and don’t. In China they do not claim to follow the teachings of Jesus and do about the same as we do.

Though still way behind, the RATE of economic improvement for the common citizen in China is higher than in the US.


Difference: Culture,region,schools,foods, language, and government.

no way to compare the two. no similarities worth noting.

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