How does a white man get a black woman to lower her barrier and accept an introduction with enthusiasm?

I asked this question before so let me add some detail. Here are some openers I have used that were authentic from the heart comments to women playing slots ibn a casino: “Excuse me, you have the most magnificent hair I have ever seen. May I ask how long it takes for you to get it like that.’ Or…..”Is that a…

Okay, well first of all dude, there are a lot of people who don’t like dating other races. I’m not saying that all people are like that, but a lot are. You’re just trying to get with the wrong black girls, ones who either aren’t interested in you, or who don’t like men with your race. Just keep looking, and you’ll find one who is interested. Good luck.

nah. don’t tell a black woman you like her hair. if she’s got some insecurities, she’ll feel wierded out by the fact that a “white guy” is talking about her “black hair”. I’m black and if I compliemented her hair she’d probably view it differently.
this may sound like crazy talk but trust me on this.

in general, (from a strangers perspective) women like to be complimented on things they take pride in like shoes, bags, and clothes, so when I approach a woman black, white, asian, etc I start there because the reality is I like women who take pride in themselves and have nice accessories. I’ll tell them that I’m impressed with her shoes or belt (her taste), ask what kind they are, then say something to the effect that I may want to get some for my niece (which I actually would). At that point, she’ll probably start talking your ear off about shopping etc. Stuff like that breaks down barriers and makes her feel more comfortable because she’s engaging in a subject that she’s comfortable in. This works with black women as well as others. In fact, I never ever tell a woman that I am just meeting that I find her attractive, that is unless I have no intentions of getting to know her. I will tell her that some that she has is stylish, because she put forth an effort for it to be seen.

machines have no feelings the ppl behind them do. on the women part u cannont meet black girls talking educated, dressing white unless u find a black girl at ur family or friend party, or go to a black club dressing like a thug which dosent seem like u so be patient make the right move with the right wormen u know what i mean. im guessing that they feel inferior with a white man even though it hypes their pride at the same time. most of the black women like any other race would like to stay with their own u have to look real hard to find the one ur lookin for bro but good luck though

When black women do it, it’s more taboo. Their dad would not like it or get mad. However, if a guy does it [their son] they will feel maybe even proud. I think it’s a double standard. IF a black man can, we can. I see all sorts of comments from some black men saying “black women should marry within their own” or “she’s a sell out”. I have no problem with a black man dating a white girl, just don’t show her off like she’s a prize and I’m supposed to care. I like the change.

…Well first of all those lines you are using…they are just absolutely dreadful. LOL!! My cousin tried to use lines…they don’t work.

I’m a 21 year old black female (and sorry I’m taken) but I don’t know what attracts us…we are all so different. I personally like guys who aren’t shallow, will listen to me, make me laugh, are caring, and like video games and anime/manga.

Just be yourself. Still use your lines if they are you. I would have laughed and been interested in you somewhat. Keep trying. It will be tougher to get a black woman…we get used so much by other races.

Especially Arabs…they know they can’t marry one of us…when another race hits on me I assume they want to sleep with me and nothing else. It’s a bad thing to think, but it could be what they are thinking when you speak to them.

interesting you know a lot like me when i am younger, wat u gotta is go to a bar slip them a mickey jkes ok well u do this get to know them like at a church or a funeral

offer them money


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