How to ask out a girl without being nervous.?

There’s this girl in my school that has an awesome personality and she’s HOT!!! I want to ask her out but i get so nervous i end up not asking. Any tips on how to not be so nervous and what girls like when you ask them out?? P.S. I’m 13.

Write her a note, or just ask her out!! When it comes to things like this there’s no point being nervous. Dating is a nerve racking game. And acting nervous only makes it worse. I wish you the best of luck!!!

its hard not to be nervous especially if shes around TONS of people but you gota not be nervous and if i were you i would try to get to know her a little bit before i ask her out…unless you already do then never mind that if thats the case then ask her out when shes kinda alone and like i said try not to be nervous just act “chill” but not way to chill cause then you might look stupid good luck amigo

It’s ok that you’re nervous…just a sign that you like her and that you care…in these kind of situations it’s best that you keep it simple – just ask her if she would like to go out with you,or ask her for a walk together and alone…if she likes you she will say yes without thinking…

DO NOT write her a note. That will make her think you are in confident. Pretend as if she is your best friend’s girlfriend that helps me sometimes.. good luck ~_~

be talkative… don’t stutter… have a most long conversation and then look at her and ask her if she wants to go out w/ u…

Dont chicken out =]]

Hope i helped =D

Theres no way to mess up… haha i didnt even kno guys got scared. i thought girls were the only ones.

I think its TIME TO PASS NOTES!!!!!!!!!!!

Or better yet, JUST ASK HER!!!!!!

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