I Have a Holocaust Question?

At our school we do a very thorough Holocaust unit. In one of the video’s we saw a jewish child was raised by his Christan housekeeper. In the movie the jewish boy fell ill, but the housekeeper couldn’t call a doctor for fear of being discovered? She said that Jewish Boy’s were different from Christian Boys. Why is…

Jewish kids are not in any way biologically different to Christian children.
After the disastrous defeat of the Germans in World War One, they were forced to sign the Treaty of Versailles which among other things forced them to pay compensation, accept full responsibility for the war, and it put restrictions on the size of their army, navy and fleet.

Many Germans felt bitter about that and felt that the Weimar Republic, founded after Germany’s surrender was to blame.

Now during the 1930’s the world went through an economic depression caused by the Wall Street Crash in 1929. There was massive unemployment throughout Europe.

Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini and Francisco Franco were fascists. In this piece I’m more concerned Hitler. Hitler used propaganda to get his Nazi party elected. He promised to end the crisis. At that time the people would swallow anything! He made himself Prime Minister and President, giving himself absolute dictatorial status. He blamed the defeat in world war one on the Jews, as well as nearly all the country’s problems, including the economic problems. He himself grew up in a poor part of Vienna, Austria, where he hated the wealth that many of the Jews had.

The holocaust followed. Almost every German believed Hitler, and his Special Forces, the SS carried out the most atrocious atrocities in Germany and any other country they captured. I personally attribute this atrocious behaviour to brainwashing. Auschwitz is the most famous death camp the Jews were put in. They were tortured, forced to do hard labour and gassed. The Holocaust is a perfect example of how much evil humans can do. It really is an unpleasant story.

To answer your question about Jewish boys being different to Christian boys: Anti-Semitism was widespread throughout Europe before and during WWII. Plays like ‘The Merchant of Venice’ show that. It was even prevalent in England at the time. Many myths have been told about Jews, almost all are unfounded. Part of the Jewish faith though demands the circumcision of males, which is really does not cause any side effects, except it does allow them to pass water more easily, and prevents infections caused by stale urine.

I’m sure that that you simply wanted to know what circumcision was but you were to nervous to ask: Some skin around the tip of the penis is removed. That’s really all there is to it!

It’s simply male-circumcision. In the Jewish faith a male child must have the foreskin of his penis removed within the first eight days of his birth. This may not be the correct answer though as many non-Jewish male children have the operation. This is mainly because bacteria can grow under the foreskin due to sweat and stale urine. This can become very smelly and irritations can develop. Many myths about Jews were rife in Nazi times, such as all Jews having crooked noses, but as you only referred to boys, it probably was only male-circumcision (a female circumcision exists in Arab countries).

The Jewish boy was circumcised but the non-Jewish boys were not. Circumcision is a rite performed on all Jewish males at the age of eight days.

Then you already know that circumcision was the telling difference between Jewish and Christian boys.

Jewish boys are circumcised.
Christian boys are not.

Some christians may not practice circumcision wich is the removal of the foreskin of the penis other than that I don’t know of any reason physician could tell the difference.

Three approaches to reply this. a million.) Obidience and compliance- MIlgrams popular research used to be provoked by means of the holocaust. He determined, of natural day-to-day Americans off the avenue, 60% could hold electricuting a few till they died (they believed) if informed to. The inspiration is you quit accountability to anybody of greater rank (a an identical factor used to be carried out to the American soilders bombing a villiage of ladies and kids in Vietnam) two.) Depersonalisation: In any case of genocide, there are a couple of common stipulations: an us – them angle closer to the percieved underclass, depersonalistion of the perceived underclass (Jews, darkish skinned races, homosexuals had been regarded lesser than the best race), blaming them for the entire issues, believing that the nation is in a state of drawback – an severe resolution is wanted, and a robust chief three.) More not too long ago, psychologists have pushed aside Milgram’s view a minimum of because it applies to the greater degree of the chain of command (it could nonetheless observe to you bulldozer motive force). Several of the camp guards actively and imagineitively interpreted orders that didn’t actuall name for the holocaust, orders being very indistinct. There used to be an air of competetion for Hitler’s favour. The guards had been dedicated to what they had been doing, knew what they had been doing, and so they concept it used to be the proper factor to do. They concept they had been killing an enamy, they take at the ideology of the institution that condones this behavoir Most of the individuals that had been “dependable” had been sentenced on the nuremberg trial. Others scale down down had been much more likely to be (or a minimum of consider) they had been simply following orders, therefore warding off guilt that could make them suicide. Those that took at the ideology could no longer consider guilt

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