I need help! I met a guy that only wants

I need help i met a guy a few months ago, at first he was going to fast for me, he wanted a serious relationship, i told him i just came out of a long marriage and i wanted to take it slow, so he said well will see how it goes, and of cource after seing him a few times he ended up doing da do… well he asked me…

Dude, that is a RED FLAG. You do not want to start being serious with a man who is accusing you of being with other men. Sure he seems like he is just joking or playing around, but eventually it won’t be a joke. Eventually he will assume you ARE cheating even if you are not.

He is insecure – this is obvious. If you really like him, tell him the behavior must stop. If it doesn’t stop then I would definitely get the hell away from him.

Funny question. I’m kind of dating a Muslim right now. He has asked me if I wanted to convert, but he also said that he is not pushing anything on me. One reason he asked was because I was studying the religion by my own free will, and he was just curious. If you don’t want to convert, then don’t. If he really cares for you, then he would marry you no matter what your religion. I know that according to the Islamic religion, the can only marry a non-muslim woman who is a virgin. So it could be for that reason, that is, if you aren’t a virgin. But again, if he really cared about you then he would marry you no matter what.

He is probably insecure. I know when I give it to my girl real good she doesn’t even want to answer the phone. It wouldn’t matter who was calling because I know she isn’t going anywhere. Tell him to stop acting like a punk. If you wanted to be with another guy you wouldn’t be hanging out with him.

It sounds like he’s tryin to put more focus on you and what you want. I think (I’m a guy) he really likes you, but when he asks you that same question that you continously answer, it seems like he just wants th focus to be off him, and on you. Not really a bad thing, just the way some of us are.

You pretty much gave him the signal..”friends with benefits”
quote “well he asked me nothing serious, no strings, i told him what ever thats fine”
By saying that, he’s probably assuming you want no serious relationships and it’s sex only.

He’s insecure and lacks self-confidence. You told him you wanted nothing serious, so obviously he assumes that means you are dating around. Drop him like a bad habit…he’s passive/aggressive and not worth the headache.

he may want to be with you on another level but it seems as if someone or something has made him feel insecure. Id talk with him about where u two stand and reassure that hes the only one. good luck

hes probaly jealous, or you dont give him enough attention

he’s jelouse

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