I need to convine me mom to get me birth control?

Hello! i have severe pms. it’s so bad that i cry because of my cramps, gain an obscene amount of weight, break out, and my emotions are out of control. i’m 15. my doctor gave me a prescription for birth control, but my mom won’t fill it. i have a serious boyfriend and she thinks i’m going to use…

This is really frustrating to me because I went through something very similar with my mom and I ended up with a son by the time I was 17. Now that I’m a parent, I would never do this to my child.
My best advice to you is tell your mom like it is.
“Mom, I understand why you’re concerned about me getting this prescription filled. Most girls my age ARE out doing things with guys but I’m NOT those girls. You need to have more trust in me because respect is a two way street. I am in physical and emotional pain from my period and my body is so irregular. The doctor put me on this medicine to regulate my body. It will honestly work for the reasons the doctor prescribed it. You can talk to him yourself or Google the information if you’d like. Please just don’t put me through the agony that a period causes me. If I was doing it for safe sex, I would just get condoms from Planned Parenthood.”

Good luck though. Parents are aggravating!

You can go to planned parenthood and get birth control there. Or next time you go to the doctor you can have him/her explain to your mother that the pill has many other benefits besides pregnancy prevention.

PS… The pill does not help you lose weight. In fact a side effect of the pill in most women is weight gain so keep that in mind.

Well she’s being pretty selfish. If you don’t take it – you’ll end up continuing to suffer every month.

Explain to her that you really need to take it to relieve your PMS. If she’s still adamant on keeping it from you – explain to her that you’re not interested in sex right now. Besides, the pill isn’t the only method of contraception – you could easily just use a condom & your mother wouldn’t know.

Your mother needs to realise that your doctor prescribed it for a reason – being your PMS, not your boyfriend.

Your mother should be happy you want to be on birth control… It helps prevent pregnancy.. Does she really want another kid YOURS running around her house? I don’t think she would want that. Birth control is an AMAZING thing to be on. Trust me. Your cramps will stop and your period will be completely normal. The only bad thing is you will feel sick for awhile so I read in the directions… Birth control is not just for sex.. Its for helping normalize your period and help prevent cramps. If you can’t convince your mom, go to the doctor and tell them what you told us. Maybe they will understand =]

First of all, since you already have the prescription can’t you fill it? I know when I was your age I was able to pick up and sign for my own birth control. If you can’t convince her then you can go to Planned Parenthood and get it without parental consent.

As serious as you can sit her down look at her straight in the eyes and tell her ” Mom, you are going to be a grandmother”, wait a couple of seconds and then say “Someday”, and then ask her to please fill your RX so you can have a better visit with your Aunt Flow.

The look on her face and reaction will be worth the yelling.

Sit her down and tell her, you need it for other things, like to control your wieght gain and ance break outs, also to stop your hormones from goign a to b!, also slip a little lie in and say your to scared to have sex, and you here ohter girls say it trash and skanky to have sex until you 21 !

Hopefully she’ll agree

just be honnest with her. tell her youre really using it for that reason. and even if you did plan on having sex which youre not im going to hope wouldnt it be better if you were protected?

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