If the human races are truly equal,?

Then how come some groups,races or ethnicities happen to have higher I.Qs,more athletism,stronger or have more stronger personalities than other peoples. All the world-class runners happen to be from Kenya,while the average Korean I.Q. is 110.The jews tend to be even smarter and more sucessful than any other group…

Equality of opportunity, or equality of identity? Populations vary and that variance can be plotted, on average, by a normally distributed curve. With the PC climate as it is, the answers here will be basically, knee-jerk ideological. Go figure. Things are changing. Witness the statement from the Californian superintendent of education. I paraphrase. ” We have found that a increase in income over the last 50 years has not translated into an increase of academic performance for African and Latino Americans. ” Middle class incomes do not correlate with middle class academics. When enough people brave the ideological divide, then the problem will be addressed in a scientific fashion.

Do not call it generalization; as the ideologically inclined do. Call it what it is; a normal distribution of traits comparison.

There are ultimately differences with ethnicities based on many factors…the first being genetics. For example, in places where the sun doesnt shine often over a long period of time can cause a lack of vitamin D because you get it from sunlight…and if you’re lactose intolerant that could also cause an even bigger problem.
What it really comes down to is survival of the fittest. Over longer periods of time a race either becomes stronger or weaker based on their ability to supply themselves with food, shelter, and the ability to reproduce in their given environment. A very good example of genetics and the human genome would be with Charles Darwin and his experiment with finches in the Galapagos Islands. It is a prime example of this concept. Take a look, you might be surprised.

i think there are regional or racial differences in people for different reasons.

people in kenya in historic times had a much more physical environment. they were constantly hunting, and if a message had to be delivered they had to run it.

IQ stuff is all about how you are raised and how your family has been raised. granted, there have been wildly intelligent children in trailer parks, but im pretty sure its not common. intelligence is something you develop, not something you inherit, although you probably gain the size and depth of your brain from your parents and genealogy.

different people had different needs in historic times. different cultures advanced different ways. why is it we all look different too? why do we have different colors of skin?

all about where we are from. how low we have been where we are, and what we’ve done or what we do there.

unless youre really religious… and even if so. youve gotta remember (or at least acknowledge) that all humans came from the same group at one point in time. most science points towards the middle east (mesopotamia & that shizzle). regardless of where- we all came from the same initial species. =D

The large difference between races is culture and society but one must also remember evolution. Humans have changed to better cope with our surroundings such as improved speed, strength, sight and IQ all dependent on the reign our ancestors dominated. What makes us equal is are ability for personal growth.

Used to be best distance runners were from Scandinavia. Jews produced chjildren while the best and brightest of Christian Europe went into monasteries. I have met both dumb and smart Koreans, though. Some of it is family attitudes; if your parents value education (I mean go out of their way to encourage and support, not just say, “Get good grades”), then you are more likely to, as in Jewish and Japanese families.

First off their is only one race: Human, The concept of race is scientifically false. We have different ethnicities and cultures. This is where people get their traits. Your stereotypes are false, not every Jew is successful, not all of the world class runners are Kenya.

no person understands the thank you to create know-how, the place it comes from, or for that count, even a undemanding definition. yet there could be one ingredient undemanding to locate contract on – robots have not got it, and intelligence of the pc form can’t bestow or generate a know-how.

The “Jews” have a more powerful background with the Lord, according to the Bible. Thus, they may automatically be considered as having a “smarter mindset” and an “accelerated” placement on Earth for themselves. They are, after all, supposed to be “the chosen people.” I am going with the “belief” which may or may not be true.

its the effect of where thet grow up. they grow in higher altitude it means better endurance. low less. hot cold it all creates these stereotypes. its not ur race its where u grow up and live. any race born anywhere would be the same as the locals just change in ethnicity

differences in culture, values and attitudes.

And lots of lions in Kenya.

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