I’m 20/21 shes 16/17 LEGAL ISSUE?

So I met some girl on a vacation she happens to be from my town. At first I didnt want much to do with her because she looked young. But she sat beside me on the trip (bus) and she said she was 17 turning 18. We talked had a good time stayed up all through the trip getting to know each other. When we got to our…

yes it is illegal, and I agree with ty, that is very poor parenting, I’m almost positive it probably was her older sisiter, or a friend, you spoke to, I donr”t’ know of a 16 year old that talks to her mom about sex!!, If I were you I would walk away from her, and it sounds like she is a ****, after meeting you for a short time, and wanting to sleep with you how many other men has she meet and gave them the same line, WALK AWAY!!!

Down boy! Your are right. It is illegal and you should not do it. Laws are in place to protect those who are not yet mature enough to consent. Her willingness for a sleepover is a symptom that this girl has already been sexualised earlier by child abuse. Ignore the arousal and listen to your conscience.

Its illegal. And that is very terrible parenting. And what’s going to happen after you guys have sex? What if she gets preggo? And it honestly sounds like she’s just taking advantage

Ask yourself if she’s worth getting raped in jail for.
Because that’s exactly where you’re going to end up if you don’t smarten up.

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