I’m back. I escaped from the mental hospital. Ladies, did ya’ll miss me, the most handsome guy on the planet?

but all your hair has fallen out, was it the electric shock treatment at the hospital?
pity you lah

Yes i want know how likely the ladies out from mental hospital

Brudder Springonion, Gindy and Bean miss you a lot.

You may be hamsap (horny) but you’re not like MLP.

Your an idiot……and im the most handsome guy on the planet

You are the most handsome guy ONLY if you are the last guy standing on this planet … malu lah you ni … masuk bakul angkat sendiri … minta puji … :p

ROTFLMAO…..sorry I could not resist answering this question because of all the humourous answers…especially Prince Bean…LOL…good one Your Highness.

Anyway, to answer your question…no I don’t miss you and you’re babbling again.

ha ha …have a nice day crazy mentality handsome guy….Hell Yeah..

Cant talk now..am puking! Yikes!

are u related to Gindy??? judging u from ur thinning hair

many missed you!

especially katie, my dog.

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