Is $1,000 a month for babysitting,house cleaning,washing clothes and cooking dinner fair pay?

First of all I am at the home ten hours a day.The kids are ages 1 and 3 the house is very messy everyday and I forgot to mention I was asked to do laundry for 5 people.The parents have good paying jobs she is a project mgr. for electric co. He is a field mgr for u-haul .He too just got a raise of $400.00 a month.I…

I think that is decent pay. But I think $1,500 would be a little bit more realistic. Just sit down with them and let them know you love your job but when you started working for them you didnt know how demanding it would be. Ask them if there could ever be a way of advancing at all such as a raise in the future. Just be careful you don’t want to get greedy and lose the job all together.

Considering your working 10 hours a day 5 days a week, you are currently making $5 an hour. This does not sound fair at all. It does not matter how much money they make, if they want you to do this much work, you have to be compensated. I would say at least $2500 a month for the amount of work your doing. Taking care of 1 and 3 year old is in itself a lot of work.

That averages to 30 bucks a day. I assume you are not living there, so I figure you are there eight hours a day. That equals to $4.16 an hour, way below minimum wage. I wouldn’t do a thing for four bucks an hour. Either tell them to raise your salary to $2000 a month or find someone else to clean up after them.

chuffed Easter, expensive pal. i take advantage of to have the full family contributors right here from the time they began relationship. They extra their boyfriend or girlfriends. whilst they have been given married, it became into their spouses and then the grandkids. They felt it became into getting too plenty for us. Now we flow there to between the youngsters. homestead cooking won’t be able to be beat.

very fair to me for a mouth i say i should be $1,500 but yes 1000 is fair pay for everything !!!

i think they might agree and if they say its to much just go a bit lower !

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