Is it possible for a house to be clean all the time with toddlers?

Single mom of an almost 4 year old and a 20month old. i am a full time college student and have a part time job. As you can tell I have a lot on my plate. I am always busy with something and as much as i try to baby prove the house both of em still sometimes manages to get into trouble and make a mess. my oldest is…

This is the funniest question I’ve heard today…..

I have a 6yr old, 4yr old& 2mo old. Imagine how my house is! It isn’t “clean, clean” but it’s not grubby w/trash everywhere, dirty floors& all. It’s alot of toys, laundry& dishes that all seems to pile up even after cleaning up. Especially w/u still being in school, u have more of an excuse.

U are doing the best u can. As long as your tots stay clean& fed, you’re a good mom 🙂

I Have A 2Yr Old and Have The Same Problem
Kids Dont Understand Keep The House Clean So I Feel Its Normal. Im A Full Time Student and I Wrk PT..My Boyfriend Wrks Full Time. Im So Tired At The End Of The Day So I Usually Put Off Cleaning. My Son Has A Playroom So His Toys Are All Over The Place In There But He Usually Has Toys All Over The House…I Try To Wash Dishes As I Cook Just So Tht They Dont Pile Up Too Bad…Ur Not A Bad Mother, Ur A Working Mom and Thts One Of The Hardest Jobs In The World!

Not 24/7. But yes it’s possible to keep it picked up most of the time.
I’m a nanny of 2 kids under age 4. I keep there house picked up unless the kids are playing with something. I have the kids help. Befor nap and befor story time on Wednesdays we all clean up all toys and I help with that and keep the kitchen clean. At times I’ll do a load of laundry or dishes. The kids like to help with those things. Yes it makes cleaning up take a little longer but its teaching them responsibility.
I’ve been teaching them to put up there toys when there done before getting something else out. We still need work on that,but they do good.

And I don’t keep it cleaned just cause I get paid to. I clean more then I’m suppose to, to help and to teach the kids cleanliness.

Have the kids help. They should put toys up when there done with it. I know they will forget and it won’t work every time. That’s kids for you. Don’t stress over it and do the best you can.
When you mop have the kids stay out of that room til the floor is dry.

nicely before each and every thing, the international will not bring about case you at the prompt are not getting the abode spotless day-after-day. your little ones are youthful and they’re going to purely be this way once. i’ll honestly relate to you very a lot, I honestly have a three twelve months previous daughter and a 9 week previous son. even as i detect myself getting pissed off with how loopy my days are i attempt to appreciate that some day i’ll seem again on those years because the finest of my existence and oh how i’ll omit them. So once you should fore bypass the laundry or the dishes or the vacuuming so that you’ll be able to carry your toddler then you definately merely bypass properly on ahead. Secondly, 2 is about previous adequate that you do not must have interplay her each and every minute of each day. In our schedule my toddler has a blended hour of comic strip and/pill/Leapster time an afternoon and that i take advantage of that element to %. up and get the position searching lifelike. 2 is likewise a good age (particularly once you’ve yet another toddler to guard) for her to study a thanks to freshen up a number of her own messes.

I have one child (a two-year-old) and I work full time. Here is the standard I generally maintain:

1) Nothing “gross” — so dishes usually done at least once a day, garbage taken out every couple days, counters and table wiped down daily, all spills wiped up immediately, floors vacuumed weekly, toilet cleaned when it starts looking gross
2) Most rooms liveable — The play room may still have toys out and the living room might have random clutter on the coffee table, but our kitchen is clean and usable, our beds are all accessible, and the house feels like a place you could sit down and relax.

What I really need to get better at:
1) Laundry — I don’t mind washing clothes, but I HATE folding and putting away. I usually have 3-4 loads worth of clean laundry piled on a spare bed or chair or clothes basket.
2) Litter box — My husband scoops it every 3-4 days, but we really should do it every 1-2 days.
3) Papers — We tend to collect mail, magazines, and all sorts of other papers. They get shoved in a random drawer or bag when people come over, and I should be filing them in their proper places at least weekly.
4) Changing sheets more often — My son’s get changed every week or so, but my husband and I sometimes go almost a month in between sheet changes. Is that gross?

What I don’t care about:
1) Making beds (only if we’re having people over who want a house tour)
2) Unloading the dish drainer

One thing my husband and I have discovered: If we can get at least one or two rooms feeling clean, we feel a LOT better about our house overall. We feel like we have a place to sit down and relax. It usually only takes 10-15 minutes to get the living room or the play room tidied up, and that’s worth putting in the time to maintain our sanity.

But, no, I don’t think it’s possible for most parents to maintain a perfectly clean house with young children.

Clean house and kids do not mix! You will always have toys and laundry and dishes. As long as there is not garbage all over and dangerous stuff for them to get into take a break and recover.

Well it is sometimes very difficult to keep it clean but I try to keep it hygienic..
I have 1 and half year old that runs around….. they best thing I came across was steam mop purchased from to clean my floors, it made cleaning so easy.
I hire a maid every 2 weeks to thoroughly clean the whole house completely… which I cannot do every day..

think some what tidy and not clean. unless you get a sitter and then have the motivation to really clean house.

Hahahah. You are too hard on yourself..

Clean when you have time and it doesn’t have to be spotless as long as it’s not too dusty (allergy).

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