Is saying hi to woman you pass by sexual harassment?

It depends on how you do it, and how much of an attention seekers she is.
I mean, if you leer evilly and lick your chops, yeah you’re going to have a problem.




No Lol that would be ridiculous if it came to that.

No. Unless you’re obviously staring at her boobs or butt.

Women are so FULL of themselves in today’s society.

depends on if your tongue is hanging out and you are drooling all over yourself and how yo are looking at them at the time and if you are holding onto your crouch rubbing it and moaning at them.


No, and my guess is that most of the knuckleheads responding here are afraid to even look at a woman
If you smile and say hi – you’re fine. In some places , they might thing you a little strange – but it’s accepted behaviour.
If you leer and yell, “hey baby, huba , huba …..” etc – that would be harassment. If you don’t know the difference or how to behave in public – just keep quite or stay home.

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