Is slapping child abuse?

I’m a 15 year old girl btw. Anyway, my dad slapped me across the face the other day and when I told my mom she said that it wasn’t child abuse and that if I called the cops they would laugh in my face and tell me I disserved it but all I did was when he said “What?” I told him a left the glass on…

Suck it up. Don’t bother the police; they have more important things to deal with than your teen problems with one of your parents. Pretty much everyone I know had worse moments than that with their parents during their teenage years. Just a part of life for many, many people. It will pass. I’m sure you are driving your parents batsh*t crazy. Even if your dad is a jerk… that sucks. But only a few more years and you can never see him again if you don’t want to. Don’t go dragging your family through the mud by contacting the authorities for this stuff though. Not worth it.

That is definitely child abuse. Maybe it was not when your parents were children but it is now. You can not slap or hit a child. Your parents don’t know what they are talking about. Your father is horrible to tell you and your brother what you stated.
If he ever hits you and you have bruises or someone can tell, go to the police or he will not stop. Maybe you can show him something you find in writing on the internet or ask a police officer for something in writing as far as the law so you can show your parents. They are so wrong. Parents get convicted on child abuse all the time. You are not supposed to lay a hand on a child.

Spanking like giving a hand swat interior the butt isn’t abuse, that’s self-discipline. Even hitting a toddler with a belt, a shoe, a stick, or some mild products is likewise self-discipline. I used to get hit with shoe and belt and not something befell to me. Now, punching, kicking, and regularly choking is toddler abuse and punishable by employing the regulation. Slapping ought to be toddler abuse too counting on how stressful you slapped the youngster. If the youngster knows he/she is being abused, then he/she has the main appropriate to dam, yet while that’s self-discipline, then no. there’s a distinction between self-discipline and abuse.

Keep a diary then if on several occasions things happen bring in the police. It is HUGELY helpful to have a record it can make the difference between him being let free and stopping him carrying on.

Ok so dont react yet but start a diary of any abuse or neglect so if it gets too bad call child line and then you can recall specific things in detail that will help you get on the right safe track 🙂 i hope it turns out well good luck

Sounds more mental abuse than anything. Just smile and take it because you can always go and pee on his grave when he dies. (just thinking silly here,lol) Look only a couple more years and you can be gone forever once you turn 18 so you can be right out of his life if that’s what he wants. Only problem is the emotional abuse he gives could be in you forever. Look hope there is a good way of sorting everything out even if it means talking to your school councillor.

i don’t think he should of slapped you and if he is calling you them names and making you feel bad about having home work and saying he is going to kill you then that is mental abuse i don’t care wot any one says why don’t you try talking to a teacher about it your at a rebellious age and i no how hard it was for me when i was in my teens i pushed every one away and every one else is wrong when wot you can’t see is that if you stop being so angry and try talking with them it should get better but like i said take to a teacher good luck and alli why should she suffer the abuse that is not rite its oveus her father is the one that is wrong why should she be the one made to feel like she has done wrong if she is unhappy then why shouldnt she get ss involved just because it will upset her family at the end of the day were are they when her dad is hitting her and messing with her head

Physical abuse is physical aggression directed at a child by an adult. It can involve punching, striking, kicking, shoving, slapping, burning, bruising, pulling ears or hair, stabbing, choking, belting or shaking a child. Any of these acts count as physical abuse. If you live in the UK you can contact the NSPCC at

Be better to your kids when you have a family. One day he will regret all the bad things he has done. Use this stage in your life to grow in patience. No one should be hit in the face. In the religion of Islam, it is forbidden to hit any creature[human or animal] of God in the face. I would talk to your father and let him know how you feel. He might change.

I dunno what I’d do if my dad hit me. Him and my mom arent together and dont live together and that doesntbother me at al. But when i go over to his place he never yells at me. He doesnt even raise his voice at me when he’s angry. But if he hit Me i’d probly hit him back,. My mom used to hit me. Not like child abuse hit me like DO THE DISHES Hit me but never in my face. And besides she eventually realized that i was getting angrier and angrier when she hit me and it was only a matter of time….but anyway you should just suck it up the police wouldnt do anything becaus thats not really child abuse.

No its not child abuse to slap your brat, sounds like you could use a few more.

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