Israel supporters. What is the problem? Why hide what everyone knows you have anyway?

US Slams Mention of Israeli Nukes at IAEA Meeting
Warns Mentioning Israel’s Arsenal Will Harm ‘Nuclear Free Mideast’ Push
UP,Jason Ditz, June 10, 2010
US officials reacted angrily today at the inclusion of Israel’s nuclear arsenal as a topic of discussion for the IAEA meeting, insisting that it was…

yes we know they have them,but we also know that Israel will not use them unless given the proper provocation to use them,they are surrounded by arab nations who want to wipe the jewish race off the face of the earth,they have a right to defend themselves,Israel can be trusted to behave like adults whereas nations like Iran a theocracy ran by religious fanatics can not be trusted.
So I am going to trust a stable artional nation any day before I trust a nation ran by intolerant,hateful religious fanatics who will launch the nuclear weapon at the drop of a hat.
People like you should just admit you are racist and that you hate the jewish rather than spew out this baseless and obvious hate towards anything that the jewish nation does,you try to hide your hate and intolerance behind flawed and baseless logic that favors terrorist states over other nations.
It is ironic that liberals accuse their opponents of racism when they are the most anti-semetic crowd short of wwII nazis,they side with anyting that does harm to or opposes the jewish state of Israel,the hate is blatant and obvious.
I am not even jewish but can see the hatred towards them from the left on a daily basis.

Israel is also the ONLY country in the Middle East the IAEA intends to have nuclear-free. The IAEA knows, I know, YOU know and every non-retarded living human knows NO Arab nation will comply unless UNABLE to violate.

It is patently ridiculous to BEGIN trying to disarm Israel NOW as Iran’s DECLARED intention to launch a first strike looms ever closer to fruition and it could not be more transparent that removing any deterrent Iran might perceive IS the IAEA’s intent. Yours, too – apparently.

Without nukes Israel would be nothing but a pile of rotting corpses. Those sweet peace-loving muslims would have killed them all. They would do so today, this minute if they could.

The only reason their arab neighbors have not finished what Hitler started, is their lack of ability. They would if they could. They have been trying their best for over fifty years.

There are plenty of black Jews, black Israelis (both Jewish and non-Jewish), and Christian-Israelis; being a black Christian is a non-issue for visiting Israel. As far as what people are fighting over, see River’s comments; bigots like him (her?) keep wars continuing in every generation; but hopefully one day, since hatred is taught, it will eventually die out. I hope you made your trip and it was wonderful, or one day will do so.

I would dearly LOVE to play a game of high stakes poker with the folks on the liberal left. They see nothing wrong with showing their hand. Not REALLY knowing is a great tool. It’s called “fear.”

I’m glad Israel has nukes.

It keeps the peace.

Did you know they recently deployed their subs with nukes in the seas around Iran.

Glad someone is doing something!

Israel doesn’t have to disclose anything. Anyone with half of a brain knows that Israel only acts to protect herself, not attack other countries for no reason. We all have a right to defend ourselves.

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