My dog ate a half a chocolate candy?

My papilion ate a little less than a half of a riesen, they are small pieces of chocolate caramel covered in dark choclate, will he be okay?

You’re dog will be okay. I’ve seen my grandma’s pitbull eat a full chocolate bar and nothing happend.

probably both. Keep an eye on her and if it persists for more than an hour or two take her to the vet. A dogs nervous system will not act the same as ours after ingesting herb. It may do something completely different, you never know. How potent was the thc content? If half a bar f’ed you up, then I bet she’s pretty stoned, which might not be a good thing. Best to be safe than sorry.

my 4lb chihuahua has found a chocolate bunny and had some of it, a candy bar, and lots other chocolate candies over her 10yrs time on’s hard to keep it from her with kids in the house as they don’t understand well. She was always fine but you can call the National Animal Poison Control Center 1-900-680-0000
also watch for any signs of twitching muscles. my dog ingested something, maybe too much chocolate but I never saw her do it or it could have been a mushroom from outside(according to the vet) and she began twitching in her eyes, then it moved down all the way til she was wobbling and twitching so I ran her to the after hour vet. She was fine after what they did, it cost me 140 dollars but she’s my little furkid so I paid it. Her heart rhythm was abnormal or it was her shaking, we don’t know but that’s signs of the toxin too…just be ready if you have to run him to the vets.

He most likely will be fine. Despite the fact that chocolate is supposed to be poison for dogs, I’ve seen or heard of cases where they would eat HUGE candy bars when people were away and they had no health issues.

If the piece was small and only the outside was dark chocolate, he will likely be fine.

how big was the chocolate bar if it was fun size then he or she should be ok but just in case you should take him or her to the vet as soon as possible just to be safe. Oh and don’t leave out anymore chocolate.

He will absolutely be okay if it is a little bit he will and not all dogs get sick from chocolate so I wouldn’t be worried he will be okay! Hope you like my answer!

never give chocolate to a dog it is very bad for them if your dog ate one small piece he should be o.k. but in the future be careful

Chocolate (coca) and avocado are poisons to dogs. Literally. He may recover, but I’d rather see vet if you see any trouble with him.

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i would think so but make sure you keep an eye on him and make sure no weird behavior occurs. If it does you should take it to the vet as soon as possible.

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