Our congress, senate, and president has committed treason?

What is a country to do?

I say its time for pitchforks and torches

Obama held a seat as chair on a committee for the United Nation in direct betrayal of the American people and the United States Constitution. He has known association with Muslim Terrorist. He has belittled the Us to other countries and is a proven Socialist. We should place him on trial if found guilty, we should hang him in public. After that happens the Senate and Congress will get in line.

I agree go vote out the democrats and the rhino republicans.

Time for a Revolution!

Arrest them, Put them on trial, Strip them of Citizenship and all wealth and Exile them…

Or…. Make them Senators and Presidents…


And Bush and company got clean away!
And nobody cares. EXCEPT ME,
And You.

Book ’em, Dan O.

What specifically did they do that was treason?

They never stop!


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