POLL – What are the ways to say “Good Bye” in different languages?


In Telugu~Selavu
In Hindi~Alavidha
In Urdu~Khudaa haafiz
In Bengali~ Accha – Aashi
In Marati~ Accha Yetho
In Kannada~Hogi barthene
In Malayam~Warete
In Punjabi~Sat siri akal
In Tamil~Poyitu varen

I dont know the correct spellings, but I will spell them the way they sound in English.

Adios, or Vayos Con Dios, spanish
Ov Wah french
Sia nar a Japanese
Kwa harri Swahili
Say Shi Mandarin chinese
Ciao(Chow) Italian and other places
Har tuuk em Arabic
Good bye english
Off we da zane german

There are probably others I know, but I cannot think of them now.

Dovidenia or Zbohom in Slovak
Nashledanou in Czech

<< Cau >> in czech (pronounced like “Ciao” in italian)
Nakemiin in finnish .. Heido in swedish .. Niaut in Innu

Nagemist in estonian .. Paka in ukranian and/or russian

French, Spanish and Japanese were already spoken for,
and so therefore it’s pointless for me to repeat them to u.

Slan Leat ( Gaelic )

Tschau or Auf Wiedersehen- german

aav jo-gujrati
hasta la vista
au revoir -french
adiĆ³s -spanish

In brazilian portuguese:

Tchau (ciao)



tata or babye or selavu in telugu…i don knw abt other languages.

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