Question about fellow Baseball Section user (BQ Inside)?

Why do people in the baseball section still put up with Jandy and answer his questions. The more answers he gets the more satisfaction because he likes pissing kids off, weird I know. Do you think if we stop answering his questions he will go away

BQ- What is one stadium that you would like to visit that has…

I’ve always wondered that. I don’t know why I still answer his questions either. More surprisingly, he hasn’t called me a “closet Yankee fan” yet

EDIT: Nevermind, he just did

BQ: Polo Grounds

I am not too familiar with this user, and I am wondering if I keep missing him, but I can tell you what to do, if he doesn’t go away on his own, you can always report him to Yahoo Answers for abuse. It is hard to say, he might or he might not go away, if people don’t answering questions. Is he making fun of people, or is he more like a person with the letter X in his name, that just says that baseball is boring. I just might feel sorry for asking through, as far as baseball stadiums that are being gone for 10 or more years, I can only think of the old Comiskey Park, Tiger Field, and Ebbots Field, so I will go with the latter.

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Arlington Stadium

I don’t really care about people like jandy. So many people are overreacting about him. He’s harmless. If you complain about him, and still answer his questions, then they shouldn’t be talking. He will never go away. That’s just jandy being jandy. He’s harmless. I like his questions because the people that pwn him make me smile =)

BQ: Polo Grounds

True.. I don’t know, I’m just so incredibly defensive about things so when he calls me “a closet Yankee fan” I defend myself and keep answering him.. which I know I shouldn’t. I’m going to try and stop answering his questions.. he’s just so darn annoying. But yeah I think if no one answers any of his questions or acknowledges his stupidity, he’ll hopefully go the hell away lol.

If everyone stops answering, problem solved. But that’s not going to happen because people like to get upset over stupid trolls.

BQ: Connie Mack

The only reason he’s on this section is because he wants to get attention.

BQ: Ebbets Field

im with you. also stop answering where can i watch online games.

Get over it…
You guys are acting as though he is committing a felony…

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