Quick survey for guys?! {that are not gay}?

What type of girl do you find more attractive, just by her physical appearance

…. Girls that..

Hair(color and type (curly, straight, long, short.) (type of hair you like/ don’t like)

Face (eye-color, lips,etc)

Skin color/Race (preferred race that you like/ race you wouldn’t date) & what’s…

I prefer long hair on a gal but there are a few gals who look better in short hair. No real pref on hair color or hair type though I don’t like afros.

Face uh, pretty I guess. Not sure what your asking about that.

I’m White and I tend to favor Whites and Asians but find lots of ladies of all races/skin tones pretty.

Body type short and pettite is what I like most.

Passion, that means the most. Sexy attitude translate into sexy a whole lot more than anything a woman can be born with. An avg bod but a sexy mind beats the prettiest woman but a prudish mind.

Race- White
Short & Thin
Glasses are ok.

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