Ramadan: What did Shaykhul-Islaam say about those who purposely misinterpret Quran?

Shaykhul-Islaam Ibn Taymiyyah (d.728H):

Ibn Taymiyyah – rahimullaah – said, “Whosoever claims that aayaat are missing, or have-been concealed from the Qur’aan, or he claims that its aayaat have inner meanings that cancel out the outward Sharee’ah actions, then there is no disagreement concerning his…

Ibn Tamiyah was a great scholar of muslims( sunnis)

he was a teacher of great sunni work of tafseer quran, Ibn kathir.

shias r jealous of him bcoz he exposed shiaism.

shias call abu bakr (RA) a liar so what is ibn tamiyah for him

Wa-Laikum Asalam 🙂 x 2:177. Righteousness isn’t turning your faces in direction of the east or the west. Righteous are people who have faith in GOD, the final Day, the angels, the scripture, and the prophets; and that they provide the money, cheerfully, to the relatives individuals, the orphans, the needy, the vacationing alien, the beggars, and to unfastened the slaves; and that they be conscious the touch Prayers (Salat) and supply the needed charity (Zakat); and that they keep their be conscious on each and every occasion they make a promise; and that they steadfastly persevere interior the face of persecution, problem, and conflict. those are the ordinary; those are the righteous. Jazakallah Khair for asking this question 😀 Mystical Moon (*

He was a wise man. May Allah have mercy on him.
Just wondering if shias have their own tafsir books when it comes to “interpreting” the Quran.

Is this Taymiyyah guy an important person? Do his opinions really matter. Whoever made him the Sheikh ul Islam?

Whatever floats your dinghy

I find the concept of being jealous of this Ibn Taymiyya, silly

May Allah swt grant him entry into the highest Jannah AMEEN!

Shia’s have no idea, and there ‘scholars’ come no where near as close! SubhanAllah they are so lost.

@ León de Ali (AS) = watch your mouth!


*The Shia delaying of prayers

Ibn Taimiyah al-Kadhab states in Minhaj al-Sunnah, Volume 1 p10:
واليهود يؤخرون الصلاة إلى اشتباك النجوم وكذلك الرافضة يؤخرون المغرب إلى اشتباك النجوم

“The Jews delay the prayer of Maghrib till the stars appear and likewise the Rafidah delay the prayer of Maghrib until the stars appear”


We read in Al-Nehaya by Sheikh Tusi, page 59:
وقت صلاة المغرب عن غيبوبة الشمس… ولا يجوز تأخيره

“The time of Maghrib prayer is when the sun sets…it is not permissible to delay it”

We read in Hawyat al-Tashie by Sheikh Dr.Waeli, page 124:
هذه كتب الشيعة كافة في الفقه وأنا اتحدى من يجد فيها رأيا واحدا يذهب إلى أن وقت صلاة المغرب عند اشتباك النجوم

“These are books of Shias in Fiqh and I challenge whoever can cite one opinion from it according to which the time of the Maghrib prayer is when the stars appear.”
*The Shi’a move away from the Kaaba during Salat

We read in Minhaj al-Sunnah, Volume 1 page 10:
واليهود تزول عن القبلة شيئا وكذلك الرافضة

“The Jews deviate from the Qiblah slightly, as do the Rafidah”


We read in Minhaj al-Sahlehin by Sayyed AlKhoei, Volume 1 page 135:
يجب استقبال المكان الواقع فيه البيت الشريف في جميع الفرائض

“It is Wajib to face the direction where the holy house is located, during the prayers.”
*There is no Iddah for divorced Shi’a women

Ibn Taimiyah asserts in his book Minhaj al-Sunnah, Volume 1 page 10:
واليهود لا يرون على النساء عدة وكذلك الرافضة

“The Jews don’t observe Iddah for their women, neither do the Rafidah”


We read in Al-Muqnia by Sheikh Mufid, page 498:
ويجب على المرأة عند مفارقة زوجها منه العدة على الكمال

“It is obligatory on the woman to observe complete Iddah when she seperates from her husband.”

We read in Minhaj al-Salehin by Sayed Sistani, Volume 3 page 165:
عدة وهي أيام تربص المرأة بعد مفارقة زوجها

“Iddah are the days a woman observes when she separates from her husband.”



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