Shocked by British men’s choice..what is WRONG WITH MEN IN EUROPE?

I’m a college student here in the U.S and this summer I did the studying abroad like most universities have. There were about 45 students this summer from the business school in my University.

I’m 23 years and I consider myself a good looking girl because I take care of myself. I do not look down on…

My first question to you is where in America do u live? I live in NY and i’ve seen PLENTY of times where white guys go after black women IN FRONT of a white woman. U make it seem like its some type of taboo for a white guy to approach a black woman in public. Do u live in some hick town? There’s aboslutely NO WAY ur from a big city in America to make this question. If u say u are then ur lying! I myself am black and my boyfriend who loves me is white, Blonde hair and blue eyes, as white as you can get. Also I mostly get white guys trying to date me. So I really cant understand ur question about why this doesnt happen in the states when it DOES all the time!

Who knows what people find attractive.
You do sound a bit stuck up on yourself though.
My white 6’3″ red headed European son will only date Asian women.He had enough of stuck up white girls and only enjoys the company of someone with a brain and heart.
My grandmother was half native American and her husband was from Germany, he didn’t wish to marry a German girl as his parents wished him to do.
Some people go for personality before outward appearances.

honestly i don’t think they go more for black women (in fact very unlikely). Maybe your black friends are even prettier, funnier, more charming than you? I have the feeling that white girls are more likely to go for black guys. Your story sounds dodgy anyway as if you made it up, it’s strange that you think it’s an issue.
Nothing makes a white american man different from a european, since he’s basically the descendant of europeans and he happened to be born in the US. Usually american men are very loud, a bit like latinos when they come to the UK. That’s the main difference.

Because America is backwards.. I find it hard to believe you could understand the british people. I didnt think that Americans spoke English(British ‘normal english’) Hmm strange 🙂

This was copied and pasted from a website, word for word. I’ve read the exact same words before. How about you post your own questions in your own words?

55 inches tall? They probably didn’t like you because you’re a midget.

Maybe they simply spotted how shallow you are.

Not everyone thinks you’re superior. Get over it.

There are a lot of interracial couples








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