Tips for long and triple jump for beginners?

To try out for track, the coaches will test us on our long and triple jump. The thing is, I have never done ANY field events. EVER. So do you have any suggestions about the long and triple jump for a beginner?

Tips, rules, form, etc. will all help me greatly.
The track tryouts are next month, so please help. 🙂

Hello, i myself am a long jumper at my highschool with a personal record of 20ft and 3 inches.(just to let you know that i know what i am doing, not to brag :)) A tip that i have to begginers is too make sure you are not full sprinting the whole time. Allow yourself to build up speed so you are full sprinting at the end. Make sure you really throw your opposite knee up ( the foot you are not jumping with) and throw your arms forward as hard as you can!

Triple Jump For Beginners


i did triple jump before and it’s really fun;
my suggestion would be to go to like a field, and work on skip-skip-hopping, 😕 lemme think what else…..urrrmm try kinda like leapfrogging? gee idk how to explain it all at the moment; but i tried.
also, try to practice on exploding in your jump, and also your sprint down the runway! 🙂
God bless! i hope your tryouts and whatnot go well! 😀 i hope i’ve helped!

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