Tired but cant sleep.?

Ive been laying down and shuting my eyes and i just cant seem to fall asleep.
I mean its so nice when my eyes are closed but i just cant fall asleep.
Im very tired for the last 3days ive stayed up all night and slept all day

Try this anytime you want to sleep:

Step 1: Lay down on your back in a comfortable position with your head resting on a pillow. Have any blankets/sheets covering your body as you would when you fall asleep (because you will).

Step 2: Breath slowly and a somewhat more deeply than you normally would. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth with your mouth being only very slightly open. This should feel comfortable and not forced.

Step 3: Now, with your eyes closed, ‘Gently’ roll your eyes up as if you were looking straight up through to the top of your head and notice the muscles that control the eyes beginning to throb a little. As they become so tired that you just want to let them go back to normal, allow your eyes to go back to their normal position and relax them completely. Repeat this step 2 more times. Your eyes should now feel very relaxed.

Step 4: Allow your breathing to become more relaxed and even deeper now as you begin to mentally scan your body starting at your toes and move slowly up your body. In your imagination, imagine your toes being filled up with a white energy that feels so good, so relaxing. Allow this energy to spread through your body as you mentally scan and relax it moving upwards into your feet, and into your ankles, and into your legs… slowly relaxing and allowing this powerful white energy to slowly move all the way up to the top of head with each slow deep breathe you take. Doing this will leave your entire body feeling so completely relaxed… your mind will soon follow your body because our “mind and body are truly one”.

Step 5: Allow your mind to drift off as if you were day dreaming about something you enjoy. You’ll soon fall fast asleep.

I hope this helps! And remember, sometimes all we need to accomplish a goal is to remember the power of our mind. Sleep well!

hmm… sounds like you have your nights and days mixed up. You should start limiting the time you sleep during the day and save it for night. Also, at night, close ur eyes and count back in 3’s. Starting at 100. It really works. Drink warm milk before bed, take a relaxing bath, get off computer and phone ect. 30 min before bed. Try to relax and get yourself ready to fall asleep mentally. Hope you have success. Good luck

Others cannot help in such situations. It is for you to take adequate rest, sleep and recuperate your health. On your behalf, nobody else can sleep and pass on the benefit to you.

Normally our brain gets more tired if we use it in wrong directions.

The ratio is 1 : 4, when we use our mind in right direction or wrong direction. Four times our mind becomes weak, if we misuse, under-utilize or abuse our mental potentials.

At the same time, there is no harm in consulting a professionally qualified for such genuine problems.

YOu need to depress yourself. Sothat you get sleep and tired. How? Quarrell someone!

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