What Are Some Great Band Names for my band where thinking of something like evolution because were a rock band?

By the way we have a band mate that sings horribly that we think that we should kick her out of the band shes not good at guitar ,drums , or singing and we dont no what to do.Please help us

How about Sacred Ground. I just thought of that from the top of my head. I would tell the band mate that she can’t sing but in a nice way.

Evolution is actually a pretty cool name. If your bandmate isn’t good at anything, why isn she part of the band in the first place? Resolve this issue now because if you guys ever become famous, you may have a Pete Best situation on your hands. But if you must kick her out, don’t completely exclude her, make her your manager or something like that.

yeah its a hard one to kick someone out. but, if she’s a liability and just making noise and no progress then there’s only one thing for it unfortunately. she could carry your instruments lol. Anyway, “Two Jacks and a Joker” was my old band name. 3 piece band, had a regular poker night in and my drummer was the funniest guy ever. It made sense.

Kick her out, and Washout. I always liked that name for a band, but it didn’t fit for my band.

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