What is your opinion on the Vietnam war?

My opinion on the Vietnam war is that I think if the US would’ve went in to win it that we would have won. If it were up to me we would’ve finished the war and not half assed it, and destroyed the VC. What is your opinion? I’m like a history nerd, especially when it comes to the Vietnam War or WWII. …

Wow ! Jingoism is alive and well !

Obliterating another country when it’s not necessary to do so, is hardly the action of a so called civilised nation. The atom bombs on Hiroshima & Nagasaki were early examples of “shock and awe” – designed to demonstrate the extent of the USA’s firepower and to demoralise the Japanese to the point where they had no option but to surrender, and in this they were successful.

What you have to realise is that because you are at war with another country, it doesn’t automatically make all that country’s inhabitants evil. Only individual people are evil. The philosopher Edmund Burke said “I do not know the means by which I could draw up the indictment of an entire nation”

As for the US being selfless, there is a remark which I believe JFK made in an unguarded moment, and with which many people would agree viz, “The United States doesn’t have friends – it only has INTERESTS”

In other words, the US don’t get involved in anything or with anyone, unless there’s some benefit, tangible or potential, to the US.

I congratulate you on your interest in history and hope that continues, but PLEASE – take off the “star spangled banner” that you’re wrapped in, before you look into the past ! It was almost never, just black and white.

might have instructed them to do what Nixon did… yet i does not have enable up in any respect… The Democratic Presidents look to think of they know greater advantageous than the war warring parties do… so there would desire to be a end to Micromanaging the war warring parties from the White domicile… Plus do away with all regulations of Engagement set via Them & the State Dept… each long term war that the U. S. has ever been in with vast Casualties there has continuously been a Democratic President in capacity !!!! The Vietnam war became into an authorized via Congress !!!! the U. S. help given to the South Vietnamese not often ever went to the human beings it became into meant for…

Our cause in vietnam was right and sensible and arguably even honorable, but it was a bad idea to fight against only the enemy in front of us while defending a shambling, corrupt mockery of a republic. (The other enemy behind us was the communist presence in the US, lead by Walter Cronkite.) Banning all reporters from the ‘Nam would have been a good start.

Nuking two cities in Japan was the kind of shock needed to break the will of the Imperial Cult. The high command in Japan were fanatics with religious devotion to winning, and the Fist of God effect got through to them. Yes, it was necessary, and no it wasn’t all that bad in the long term; both cities are thriving today.

Also in the long run, rebuilding Japan into a strong democracy has created a strong and stable ally for the US on the far Pacific rim. Without the Imperial Cult they are nice people, their women are cute as bugs and they do good work on games and the electronic boxes on which we play the games. Taiwan is also a splendid ally, but without the isolation from China i doubt that we could have done the same with Korea or Vietnam.

It was not selflessness that let us re-build Japan, it was long term strategic planning.
(Also, three bombs was all we had and one of them was for the Trinity test. Making another nuke would have taken several months of mining and refining.)

The problem with Vietnam was that the regime in Saigon was every bit as rotten and corrupt as the regime in Hanoi so what is the point of troops risking their lives to prop up a corrupt regime? Eventually the morale of US troops suffered when they realised they were fighting for an unjust cause. The US didn’t support the crooks in Saigon out of selflessness they did it to further their own anti communist agenda and the war became a humanitarian disaster.

How a load of peasant farmers took on a superpower and won.

The trouble with much of US foreign policy post WW2 is that they are good at starting wars and crap at finishing them. Your assessment I’m afraid totally overlooks the fact the American popular opinion was not in favour of the war when it turned out not to be the turkey shoot the politicians had thought it would be.

The nuclear bombing was justified – only in terms of saving Allied lives. WW1 taught everyone who bothered to learn that lesson that bringing countries back into the fold is better than storing up future trouble – and the reconstruction aid was not without strings attached.

Without condoning such atrocities, 9/11 would suggest the sort of extreme reaction some countries have to the US.

could have informed them to do what Nixon did… yet i would not have enable up in any respect… The Democratic Presidents look to think of they be attentive to extra suitable than the conflict fighters do… so there must be a supply as much as Micromanaging the conflict fighters from the White domicile… Plus do away with all regulations of Engagement set via Them & the State Dept… each long term conflict that the US has ever been in with huge Casualties there has consistently been a Democratic President in skill !!!! The Vietnam conflict replaced into an authorized via Congress !!!! the US help given to the South Vietnamese not often went to the folk it replaced into meant for…

Haha, nice rant.

Should I stop looking at only the craps we see in this moron’s statement and using that to generalize about “the average brain level of American.”?

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