What would you do if your best friend died and right after a Christian commented “I hope Jesus saved him”?


B**ch slap them

I think they meant well, but it might had been said at the wrong time, and at that time you were grieving. I lost a real close friend this past week and I know she was saved and I still could not imagine what I would do if someone made that comment to me right now.

Actually, I often ask that sort of question to myself also when I find someone dies & I don’t know the condition of their hearts when they pass. The question is implying if the person has asked the Lord Jesus into their hearts so that they won’t go to hell…..if the person confessed all their sins and have repented and that they have realized they are in a need of a Savior. That’s what it essentially means in case you were misunderstood by this certain statement. 🙂

I made the comment myself when my best friend died. And after anyone dies really. Christian or not, I hope Jesus saves them.

Jesus does no longer merely ward off for the fireplace coverage (going to hell) or penalty from sin (notwithstanding that’s area of it). yet going into extra component, Ephesians 2:10 says “For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto strong works, which God hath earlier ordained that we ought to continuously walk in them.”. He also saves you to do strong works.

I would hope the same thing.
I had a child murdered and of course I was sad but I also know that he was saved and so I am alright with it.
I forgot to add, I would never say that to someone.

i think that i would feel scornful which is a mixture of anger and disgust and i would probably give that person a dirty look to let them know that i am not too pleased with them and i would just compose myself and walk away as that is not something i would want to be thinking about at that particular moment in time as i would be grieving and mourning the loss of a friend

I’m sorry for your loss.

That comment was inappropriate. I’m guessing it was simply misguided and the person was truly expressing concern based on their own beliefs, but timing is everything.

Personally I have very definite beliefs about what happens when we die. But, I have never gone up to someone and said “guess what. She’s not going where you think she’s going”. I wait until someone opens up and asks the natural questions.

That’s just ignorance showing through on their part. Ignore them and hope Jesus saves them.

It depends. If that friend had not lived his/her life as a Christian, I’d tell that Christian that I hope that too. If he/she was a Christian, I’d tell that person that I know for a fact that Jesus had done that.

“Christians aren’t perfect, just forgiven.” Yet, I wonder the same thing sometimes. Through Jesus Christ we have the assurance of salvation.

I’m sorry you lost your best-friend.

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