What’s the best way to safely invest or save a fairly large sum of money?

Thanks in advance for any good tips!!!

Buy bonds! Slow return, but garinteed for the most part or just invest in a savins account with good intrest or get a Swiss bank accounts.

Swiss bank accounts offer you the strictest privacy, total safety and they are tax-free .

With your Swiss bank account you can earn interest in any currency you want, you can receive an international credit card and even bank entirely online.

You don’t need to be a milionaire to open a Swiss bank account. You don’t even need to come in Switzerland – if you want you can open an account by mail.

Enjoy the benefits that were the privilege of kings and movie stars for over 200 years.

Swiss Bank accounts are not just for the famous and super-wealthy or the sneaky and corrupt gangsters with which it is sometimes, incorrectly associated. Swiss bank accounts are actually perfectly accessible to all of us, no matter how much money we have or what we do for a living.

You can open an account at a Swiss bank in much the same way as at any other bank in any country if you have a good reason to do so.

It also has some distinct advantages to banking in many other countries.

In 1934 the Swiss government passed a law that made it a criminal offence for a bank to disclose any information about any bank accounts held in the country. This also included the disclosure of whether an account actually exists. For most of us, this isn’t really a problem – we probably have nothing to hide, but there are several other reasons which make a Swiss bank account an attractive option.

The country has a very stable economy and political climate and a good legal system to boot. Their banking sophistication is world renowned and they are experienced and professional in all matters of a monetary nature.

The Swiss banking system is ‘full service’ which means that a standard banking service will also help with securities brokerage, investment counseling and management of portfolios. Worst case scenario? The world’s banks crumble but your Swiss bank account will probably remain!

How to Open a Swiss Account

You can open an account in one of three ways:

1. Pay somebody to do it for you. This will cost between $US 400 to $US 1000 and will depend on the type of account. Search online under ‘open a Swiss bank account’ and you will find several companies who offer this service.

2. Open one yourself. If you are in the country you can just walk into a bank and do it in person. It is useful to have some evidence of past earnings and you will need to have a deposit in hand.

3. Open one via the mail. This is probably the cheapest but not the easiest solution. You will need to inform yourself about Swiss banking services (of which there are many). Most options offer checking accounts, credit cards and internet banking but if you would like, for example, to store bullion you may have an intensive search on your hands.

What Kinds of Accounts are Available?

There are four basic account types:

1. The Swiss Postal Account

This account requires no minimum balance; fees are low but won’t give you the advantage of a checkbook. There are few investment offers but if you are trading on the internet it may be very helpful, indeed for paying bills via the bank’s card service.

2. The Standard Account

This account has the added advantage of phone banking, online trading, enhanced investment options and a checkbook. You will be required to provide a minimum balance of $US 4000 and the account will accrue small annual service fees.

3. The Investment Fund Account

This account is ideal for those who want to play the markets. You will need a minimum balance of $5000. You fix an investment strategy with the bank and they carry out securities trading on your behalf. If you want to withdraw, the bank liquidates the shares and sends you your money.

4. The Swiss Numbered Account

Not for just anyone. This account requires a minimum balance of $US 100,000 but does mean total discretion and the means to buy absolutely anything that is available on public markets. Only a few select people within the bank will know your real identity. You will need to apply for this one in person.

Opening a Swiss Bank Account

Once you have decided on a bank of your choice, fill out the required documentation and get yourself to the nearest Swiss consulate or affiliate bank for a signature verification.

Contact the bank and ask them if you need any additional information and if they need a deposit to be forwarded to them with your forms.

Mail off your application and then be prepared to wait a few weeks before they contact you.

How to Deposit or Withdraw Money

In general you will trade with checks, money orders and credit cards. If you don’t mind having your identity revealed you can make use of wire transfers via your local bank accounts.

Probably the best way to handle your account is to accept deposits from others but allow your bank to pay for goods and services, especially if you wish to remain anonymous.

How Secret is it really?

Don’t forget that while your bank is under no legal obligation to divulge your account particulars and assets you are. If the IRS asks you have to disclose your details.

You are not allowed to deny ownership of an account if asked, for example, in a court of law.

Swiss authorities claim a 35% withholding tax on all interest earned by your account. Depending on where you live you may be able to have it refunded but in doing so you can’t keep it secret. There goes your privacy.

If you can think of a good enough reason to open a Swiss bank account there is nothing stopping you from doing so. Simply decide on which type of account is most suitable for you and then set about making it a reality. At the most your Swiss bank account will save you money and keep it safe. At the very least you will be really intriguing at parties!

I´ve been investing for more than 20 years and trading for almost 14, and I can tell you that if you want to make BIG and FAST profits, I recommend you trading rather than investing, trading can help you to go from rags to rich.

If you are investing, you must have already achieved some degree of financial success, long term stock investing and/or FOREX can help you become much richer than you are today.

My experiences as a Nasdaq Market Maker, Head trader of brokerage firms, and currently as a professional trader
and private hedge fund manager, I can suggest you that:

We trade because we want quick, short term profits on a consistent basis. We want to cash flow the market. Milk it like a cow.
Make consistent, small, short term gains rather than trying to hit a home run on every trade. Don’t ever forget that.
Don’t marry a stock, marry the idea of making money trading stocks. That’s the only way to do it.

For me “All stocks are equally worthless”

I don’t hold on to any illusion that the stock market will continue to go up and provide a nice retirement for me.
I could care less which way the market goes. It’s irrelevant to me if the market goes higher, crashes or moves sideways for the next 50 years. I really could care less. Stocks are just four letters with two prices next to them that I use to make a living trading.

Trade ONLY when you have a clear, easy and identifiable advantage, because without a CLEAR EDGE your odds of success are NO better than a flip of a coin… That´s why so many new traders (and investors) lose money.

Take a look at any daily chart of any index or stock and you’ll probably see the most volatility and the biggest opportunity for profit during the “First Hour” of the stock market’s opening.

The popular thinking and conventional wisdom is that you should wait about an hour before you start trading.

But if you do, you’ll miss the big, fast moves that stocks make as all the amateurs let their emotions out through their
online accounts, usually right after they read some news headline or hear Maria Bartiromo go off about a stock on CNBC.

It’s easy to see why trading the open is the market’s prime time for profiting from other online traders.
The market’s open is very volatile – that is the perfect environment for LARGE, FAST profits.

Learn to trade as a professional Market Maker ,not as an emotionally driven amateur trader or investor with few thousand dollars in an account at Etrade.

There isn’t any other time during the day or any stock you can invest in, that can make you 1, 2, 3, 5, 7 or more points
in minutes OTHER than during the first hour the stock market is open. That’s why I love trading the open so much.

I trade only when I have an edge and that means “only the fisrt hour the market is open”.

If you are a beginning trader, you can give yourself an unfair advantage in the market trading this way.

I can continue giving you a lot of advises about how to make money trading, but if you ask me:
“What is the best thing you can do for me or that I can do for myself?

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After you review this site you won´t need a system, strategy, book, software or mentor to tell you what to do,
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Trade well,


Unfortunately, there is no way to safely invest that I am aware of. Certainly, some are safer than others. There are four factors to keep in mind in making an investment–risk, expected return, taxes, and inflation. Obviously you want your expected return to be higher than inflation and taxes and you want your expected risk to be as low as possible. The advent of the Roth IRA account has eliminated taxes from the equation and therefore is something that every investor should partake of. Inflation is the most insidious of factors. It eats away at your returns and then the government taxes you on it. Cute of them. On top of that they under report inflation so that the population will not think it is so severe as it is. Consequently, fixed income investments which are considered safer than equity investments are really not.

I do not know the safest way or best way. But generally speaking a diversified portfolio of equity investments is considered by many to be an excellent approach to accumulating a large sum of money over a long period of time. A way to begin is to invest in a diversified mutual fund such as Vanguard Global Equity Fund and as you accumulate more wealth you can diversify into other equity investments. I might also add that a steady contribution to ones investments on a regular basis is a necessary prerequisite to accumulating a large sum of money.


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the best way to invest ur money is in property…seriously u can say it is 100% realible as every year property prices keep on increasing..its the best bet and ur money grows.

Start an automatic savings/investment plan where part of your paycheck is automatically deducted.

For safest investment u can deposit u r money in bank.it will be safe as well as u will be receiving some interest on that..So my opinion is to deposit u r money in bank.

Bank CD

A ROTH IRA so that you can retire wealthy.

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