Which is better for me, Ipad vs laptop?

I want to get a new laptop or tablet but not sure which is best for me. I really want the ipad but I’m not sure if that’s what is best for me currently. The main thing I will be using either this laptop or tablet is for is online school. Which of the two is best?

Laptop. No questions asked, The iPad is good for media and some web browsing NOT for this. Get a laptop. You will not regret it.

Probably a laptop would be better I have both, I definitely prefer to do school work on my laptop. You have more space and it is easier to type on. I use my tablet mostly for games, books,music, and movies. Plus document can’t always be processed from an iPad. A laptop is more efficient, I think.

LAPTOP I am currently doing online school too and Im using a laptop for it and it is awesome I can take it anywhere that has wifi and it is so much easier than the touch screen Olaf my dad has and ipad and personally I don’t like it because it is so much smaller than a laptop and the laptop overall is better

If you just want to do social media, email and internet, the iPad is great. For any greater functions, such as document editing, storage, media manipulation, etc….., a laptop would be better. The iPad is great for basic functionality or for a toy.

what kind of laptop is it? i wouldn’t recommend an iPad, I mean it’s freaking expensive, especially for a student. I bought a Nexus 7 tablet, it’s pretty good.

Definitely Laptop is best then iPad…You can go for it….


You want to buy it for school use..both are good option.

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