Which plan of these Greek politic groups do you considere more dangerous?

The left-wing Greek anarchists want to kill all the “imperialist” British and American living in Greece… and create the People`s Republic of Hellass to declare war against Japan (LOL)… and create he Red Hellene Secret Policetorture political opponents

the right-wing Greek brown-nazis want to kill…

Didn’t i tell you not not to smoke so much pot… your brain is burning! Put it of now!

i’m hoping you have a satisfied Thanksgiving. Did you be ready to score a unfastened turkey on the community food pantry, or will you be eating with the OWS derelicts and in a while defecating on the line?…:-)

Those aren’t greek politic groups, you must be mistaken with the groups in Yugoslavia.

There are no such groups, you are mistaken.. these might only exist in your head. Speaking of that, did you take your medicine?

where ‘s Noam Tsomsky?
he ‘s got an opponent!

Your brain is the most dangerous for your well-being.

All are a threat to society.

Achtung is coming to fix you, Achtung is coming…….

Here is the answer you are looking for : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uA3kwC2YT…

are you stoned or something..?

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