Who is scarier to play – an undefeated team or a winless team?

Because you don’t want to be another loser to the undefeated team
because you don’t want to be THAT team that lost to the winless team

like the Lions this year – no one wants to play them in the last 4 games.

It depends on the circumstances:
If you’re watching the pro’s. You don’t want to have your team beaten by the Lion’s, particularly if your team is in the playoff hunt.
It’s kind of like blowing a “gimme.”
I watched my boys play American football in High School. They were a 500 team. When they played the State Champs, I feared for their safety…but hoped for an upset. There was no upset. They made a good account of themselves though.
They also played a team that got slaughtered by everyone. Clearly they were looking beyond this team. However, this team considered that they had a shot at taking somebody down. Our team showed up asleep at the wheel. At the half our team was losing. As parents, we were in shock. 2nd half…different story. The end score was not a full goosed slaughter, but it was lopsided. That was pretty scary too. For the boys, it didn’t go down that well in practice the next week. It wasn’t really win…it was only really lopsided 42-20…and not a total blow-out. It’s rather hard to explain.

It depends how you look at it. Of course it is scary to go against the undefeated team because you want to win, but you know they’re THAT good. The winless team honestly I don’t think is truly scary. As bystanders it may seem as though it would be, but in my experience in sports I have seen that when going against a team that hasn’t won any games gives you a more confident feeling if anything. Although there’s the thought in the back of your mind, what if we lose, you don’t really expect to lose. However, when you are going against an undefeated team, you actually feel pressure. Also, people won’t get so worked up over a game that won’t mean much. If you lose against undefeated, you’re just a forgotten team. If you win, you’re practically legendary. The winless team is one that you really don’t even give too much of a second thought about.

I would much rather play a winless team. Why the hell would you want to play an undefeated team. If you lose to a winless team, who cares, upsets happen in football. i would be extremely happy if the Buccs could play the Lions the last 4 games of the season.

Well our freshman football team this year went undefeated. I personally think it’s scarier to play an undefeated team. You get that feeling that you will lose, and only a few can get the confidence to challenge them and have hope to win. As for winless teams, most teams can get the confidence to know that they can and will win, because if that team is winless, they must be terrible.

A winless team by far.

You are expected to win against the winless team and if you lose you become the laughing stock of the NFL.

If you play an undefeated team, you are expected to lose, and if you win, you gain glory (usually too much, especially in the Jets case).

I think that it would be scarier to play a win less team. Teams that have lost every game up to the point of you playing them are very desperate for a win and will play their hearts out to live down the legacy. In the NFL for example, I’m sure this year’s Lions don’t want to be the first win less team since the introduction of the 16 game schedule. So these last four games for them, they are going to be gunning for whoever they are playing. In high school, I have been on an undefeated team. Every week the opponents were gunning for us and it was very nerve wracking. Every team wanted to be the first to beat us! I also played against a win less team a couple times and it was very nerve wracking for us as we didn’t want to be the only team to lose to them! So it is scarier to play a win less team but scarier to BE the undefeated team!

the odds are greater that a team is more likely to go undefeated than to go winless. there never has been a team that went winless for an entire season but miami went unbeaten and the patriots also did if you don’t count the super bowl ha- ha- ha signed a giant fan

An undefeated team because does it really matter if you lose to a winless team. At least you would have a chance against a winless team. Either way is a loss but you have a better chance against a winless team. Correct?

i rather play an undefeated team than a winless team. i dont mind being o the list of perfection.

def the winless team is scarier to play, cuz ur expected to lose to the undefeated team, and no team wants to be the team to lose to the worst in the league lol

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