Whos better Pau Gasol or Dirk Nowitzki?

Pau Gasol all the way!

my man gasol cuz im a laker fan all the way!! he’s done wonders for the team with bynum out and he’s been consistent. nowitzki is a clutch player hittin those important shots at the last second but i still go with gasol.

Dirk Nowitzki has has mastered the fadeaway and is extremely dangerous from three; overall he is probably a better offensive player and more experienced carrying a team. HOWEVER, Pau Gasol is better on defense and unlike Dirk, he welcomes contact. Pau has a better post presence, which makes him more consistent than Dirk. And because I am a Laker fan, all this adds up to Pau Gasol being better.

Really??? Lets see … Pau has been mentioned as MVP by who? He is a decent player now the weight is not on him (see how mediocre he was at Memphis) … Dirk is on a team that has quit …. he is averaging 30 ppg, 10 Rebounds …. 5 assists … also a past MVP … and has to carry a heavy load called the Dallas Mavericks … they suck …. Pau has Kobe to bail him out and can perform at a high level now that he is not the key defensive object in a game …. Whoever says Dirk is soft doesnt watch his games … he is what he is … a tall perimeter player who works very hard and is developing an inside presence … its a work in progress … I commend Pau in his revival …. and he maybe the reason they win this year …. but he is not better than Dirk … they are different players and hard to compare

Dirk because he commands a double team. In order to beat the Mavs you have to take Dirk away. Gasol doesn’t command a double team if you have a strong defender on Gasol he can easily take him one on one. Since Dirk likes to play more on the perimeter it’s harder for a power forward to stay with Dirk who can put it on the floor. Dirk is a better rebounder, shooter, free throw shooter, dribbler, and that’s about it. The only thing I would say Gasol can do is pass. Plus Dirk has gotten farther in the playoffs then Gasol has ever.

Dirk Nowitzki!

Gasol has become a better player only because of Kobe! Kobe is getting a lot of attention from their opponent’s defense as a result Gasol has a wide open looks.

Both are so good in their own styles of play. But records will show Nowitzki has the edge. The first German who has gotten away with an MVP award. Let’s wait & see if Pau will be the first Spaniard to do so. Viva Pau, Vamos Gasol. Arriba, arriba, muy bien.

definitely Dirk Nowitzki. He is a two times MVP and he can shoot! look Gasol’s performance at Memphis, he is not as good as Nowitzki. Even Gasol did pretty good at LA, but I have to say Nowitzki is better.

on the PF position, it’s dirk nowitzki
on the C position, it’s pau gasol

over the past 4 years, dirk has accomplished better stats than pau did. he has been a consistent all-star, a regular season MVP, and has brought the mavs to the NBA finals. pau looks better than dirk now because he’s with the lakers now. his game fits to the lakers system. if the lakers had not taken him in, then probably you would not have asked the question on who’s better between them. my vote goes to dirk.

Gasol is a better fit for the Laks, but Dirk is the better player, he can carry a team, but only so much.

player wise its Dirk. Team wise its the Lakers. Dirk is an offensive machine but under average in defence. Dirk is average in both given Dirk a little gap.

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