Why are liberal atheists silent about religious freedom in Islamic countries?

Is it because they live in the comfort zone of secular west and don’t have the guts to move into a muslim majority country to talk about their “Freedom of Religion”???

Atheists make poor martyrs.

Personally, I hope for reform within Islam and am willing to give the faith space and time enough to gracefully resolve issues of religious freedom and tolerance on their own time schedule.

The focus is, properly, on North America and Europe where there is a strong tradition of religious freedom. If Muslims are treated respectfully here, gradually insight will develop in majority Muslim states that religious freedom is both desirable and possible.

Some do but freedom of religion is not a great concern of some other atheists who seem to want a forced freedom from religion-even for those who do not want to be so ‘liberated”- following the example of the Communist persecutors

Some atheists prefer to rail against believers in countries of the West where there is no price to pay for such a display and Muslim countries tend to encourage the execution of those who openly oppose Islam and who criticize its Prophet

Atheists are often skeptics or non-dogmatic thinkers. Such people believe in evidence or thinking for themselves rather than beli9eveing what they are told. Instead of accepting obvious things as being true they dig deeper to find out for certain. Such scientific thinkers are concerned that the chuirch is brainwashing millions of people turning them into unthinking drones. If the Pope had only a small group in a small cult people like Richard Dawkins would not be so concerned, but millions of people follow established religions like Catholicism, and if the pope banned belief in Science it could hold back scientific progress. The Pope supposedly is not against science or evolution but if he were against the use of condoms many people might needlessly get aids. The pronouncements of the Pope are impoprtant to humanmity and therefore important to humanmists which are mostly atheists.

So… Let me get this all clear here:

You want the “Liberal Atheists” to what now? Invade Muslim countries? How does that sponsor religious freedom? Oh.. wait. It doesn’t! I get it. You’re a chicken-$#1t. You think Jesus is gunna save you? From the Liberals? Or maybe the Muslims? He’s not… He’s a fictional hero charachter.. Kinda like Spiderman only without the red suit.

.. Dork

Being an atheist is not a religion in and of itself. I have no intention of ever living in a Muslim majority country so why would I feel the need to protest it’s government? America has enough of it’s own problems that need to be addressed.

We’re silent? That is news to me.

I have no desire to move somewhere where the first thing that would happen to me is that I would be stoned to death for adultery just because the father of my children and I are not married. I would happily visit and possibly even live in Morocco, Jordan, Egypt or Turkey, though.

People like you want nothing more than for us atheists to eventually live under your version of a christian theocracy– how does that make you any different from the “religious police” in places like Iran, exactly?

What makes you think I’m OK with religious oppression in other countries? It’s unfortunate, but there’s nothing I can do about it.

You talk about religious freedom like it’s a bad thing. Frankly, I’m glad we’re more civilized and tolerant than they are. What do you want us to do, stoop to their level?

We aren’t — a few minutes on this forum, for example, will show you dozens of “liberal atheist” statements about how stupid theocracies are, all of them including Islamic ones.

It doesn’t take “guts” to move to an Islamic theocracy — it takes sheer stupidity. You go right ahead if you want to, I’ll pass.


They don’t HAVE religious freedom living in a country that does not have America’s Constitution. Are you this stupid?

Religious freedom isn’t promised in their constitutions. It’s not that I don’t have the guts, but why would I *want* to move to a theocracy? I fight for religious freedom in America because it is my promised right, and I intend to keep it.

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