Why atheists have to be tolerant to religion, while religious people are not tolerant to atheists?

Just doing some research and need your opinions

This is a faulty premise.

70+% of atheists believe that elimination of religion would solve a great deal of strife globally.

That leaves 30-% that are tolerant!

Religious people with certain notable groups and individual exceptions do not attempt to impress upon others particular religious views. Atheists as a whole are far more bot vocally and in writing present with objection to people that believe in a God or Gods.

This you will find through both research and personal observation.

Atheist have supressed through various legal means education, political, and entertainment factors matters religious in nature worldwide.

1) Some religious people ARE tolerant of atheists, defend their right to freedom of belief, and appreciate their comments and questions.

2) Part of atheism is respect for reason. If one truly respects reason, one must respect learning, diverse opinion, and distinguishing between opinion and fact; this naturally suggests toleration of diverse opinions as being in one’s own interest, for one’s own learning and situation.

3) Dignity is being truly one’s best, not being someone else’s worst.

4) Toleration and intolerance are choices, which are available to religious and atheist alike; atheists do not “have to” be anything. But tolerance is much more congruent with atheist philosophy than intolerance.

Most are tolerant. Its only the really really religious that are not. Atheist should be tolerant towards the people but not the religion. But sometimes people don’t separate from there religions. They walk and talk like religious zombies.

Actually, I would say that everyone should respect other beliefs, EVEN IF YOU HONESTLY THINK IT IS WRONG. It never helps your cause to antagonize someone.

EDIT: Also, it seems to me that it is the Christians being attacked more than anyone else. You can have menorahs, Muslim symbols, but heaven help you if you try to put up a cross! True, there are religious bigots (in EVERY religion), but there are also atheistic bigots. I think I’ll repeat myself.

It never helps your cause to antagonize someone.

On the contrary, I would say that people are being intolerant to Christianity. I’m not saying that there are not Christians who are intolerant, but for the most part, our twisted society is putting down Christianity.

In a school in New York, during Christmas time. They allowed the Muslim symbol, the Jewish star, and other symbols of religion. but NOT the nativity scene!!! And no offense to Harry Potter, I enjoy reading those books, but where is God in that? J.K. Rowling says that Harry has love, but this is impossible, for God is love! Same with the Golden Compass, God is being mocked in the book!

Quote from Jurassic park: “God created dinosaurs, God killed dinosaurs. God created men, men killed God. men created dinosaurs.”
And its true, our society has thrown God out of the picture. More and more schools are unfairly eliminating intelligent design as a possibility, and placing evolution as fact. Despite the fact the evolution is not proven, and can’t doesn’t make sense.

While we should all be tolerant of each others. Christians shouldn’t shun a person because they are an athiest. You can’t convert a person by being rude and obnoxious. It’s like the story of the Gospel Blimp.

Several men decided to share the gospel by buying a blimp. They threw pamplets from above and shouted the gospel through a megaphone. One guy backed out of the plan, much to the surprise of the others. One day they noticed him (let’s call him Ted) fishing with a neighbor who was unsaved, and a rowdy man who drunk and used foul language and living an ungodly life. His friends were distressed, believing that Ted was lost to a world of sin.
Meanwhile, they continued sharing the gospel with their blimp. but people found it annoying hearing them shout through the megaphone all day, and having to pick up pamphlets from their yard.
At church that Sunday, they saw the friend with the neighbor sitting the pew. They got excited. “What made you come to church?” they asked excitedly. “Was it the us shouting the gospel, or the pamphlets?” The neighbor looked at them and said, “I HATE your blimp, it is soo annoying. I came with Ted. He spent time with, and told me about the gospel while we fished.”

The story is kinda irrevelvant to the question, but it makes a point. We need to be more tolerant about each other.

And don’t forget the rest of the line in Jurassic Park!!! Dinosaurs kill men, women inherit the earth!!! 🙂

Atheists don’t care one bit what you think, while religious zealots think everyone MUST believe the same as them. Atheists celebrate Christian holidays in christian based countries, and other holidays in other religious based countries. holidays are a day off and are fun. and what(for the person a few above me0 does nambla have to do with atheism? that’s sick! Atheists aren’t child molesters, religious fanatics are!

Really? Isn’t it atheists and others Protetesting Christmas Decorations, Easter and all the rest of it? Then Why is it that anybody from any Faith based organization, Church, synogogue or Mosque can no longer Freely Express their religious Beliefs without penalty of fines and Imprisonment? That Was the 1st Amendment wasn’t it? Now who’s next? Or For what that’s Not Politically Correct?? Please! Have a Nice Day!

By reading the questions and answers on this thread for sometime now I think you have it wrong. The Christians are continually being attacked by atheists. Many atheists come here to antagonize.

Some religious people are not tolerant of other religious people. Everyone should be tolerant of everyone else.

You are stereotyping all religious people. Please do not lump all religious people into the intolerant group just because there are a few people out there that give the rest of us a bad name.

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