Why do parents blame the media for their kids behavior?

Why don’t they take any responsibility for their kids actions? Violent media is good for kids but why do parents disagree? Can anybody tell me a good reason why?

i agree with you the media has a slight influence but shouldn’t influence anyone with a brain. i am in my fifties and used to get the belt when i misbehaved and so did other kids. Also teachers in school would smack you if you misbehaved and kids get away with everything these days. This is why the younger generation is so screwed up they take over and never get disciplined.

Well I don’t really think kids younger than eighteen should be playing violent video games but if the parent is not doing a good job raising their child, then they should own up to their actions and start taking responsibility instead of relying on TV to do the job for them. Parents should be the ones teaching their kids good morals, what’s right and what’s wrong etc not televesion to do that for them.

I’d imagine some spineless parents, do this to completely dodge culpability, for influencing their kids’ behavior. Although, I do not believe that a child should play violent video games, or view porn.

They are too ashamed to admit that they have failed in their duty to raise their child properly so they look for excuses and ways to hide their failure. Its sad really.

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