Why do the Scots hate the English so much for stopping them fighting amongst themselves?

While your question is wildly historically inadequate, we don’t hate the English. Just ignorant misinformed fools like yourself. The notion you have of the English is a little outdated too. You are mainly Anglo-Saxon because the French beat you down and bred aggressively. We weren’t fighting amongst ourselves incidentally, we were too busy fighting you for our land.

It’s not just you tara_365. We are in Britain and I for one am disgusted that we have ignorant people degrading the Scots – aren’t Scottish and English supposed to be working together as we all belong to one nation? Do we live in ancient times? I am a proud Scot and have many English relatives and colleagues. I have travelled to different parts of England and can say it is beautiful and the people can be nice and accommodating to the Scots. My English relatives believe the same when they visit Scotland. Scotland is a beautiful place, you should visit sometime and get a true flavour of Scottish people. We are accommodating but make no mistake, we take no prisoners – just ask John Smeaton!

Im not sure i truly understand your question but the British Isles has had a long and complicated history, we are one land essentially, with many diverse cultural influences. English and Scottish forces have fought each other in the past, but this was often due to religious differences. Many of the famous conflicts that have happened between England and Scotland, depicted in films like Braveheart don’t tell the whole story, they are films not necessarily fact.
I have friends from both sides of the border and having been to scotland numerous times found the people to be friendly and easy to get on with.

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We don’t hate ‘the English’ as you put it….

what a profound statement Suzie, it went right to my heart…well said… : x )

We’ve had our problems in the past, but that’s where it belongs, in the past…
The last time i visited England to see one Scottish relative and his English friends, i was overwhelmed at their love and acceptance of me.
I’m Scottish and want to stay part of the UK thanks.
All the best xxx : )

Behave your self,you’ll probably find more Scot’s in England than in Scotland,my best friend is from Scotland and lived in England for 24yrs,she’d laugh her ti.ts off if she saw your question.

Scots don’t hate the English , they just want rid of them

Hello! Are we a wee bit misinformed or what? Please read Scottish history and see how many times the English had f***ed the Scots- See Braveheart, the story of William Wallace. Even now people in England use the expression, ” Scots are such savages”! England has helped the Scots as much as they have helped the people of Wales, Ireland, & India. No wonder Scotland wants to secede from the Union.

Fighting amongst ourselves? you need to read up on your history, England tried to take our country just like they went in to loads of other countries and did the same hence, the british empire (not much of one now)
You know what really pisses me of about the english! they dont try and f*cking understand what we’re saying and expect us to conform to their language, well they can go and take a f*ck to themselves.

I think you are a wind up merchant, we don’t hate the English. English and Scottish soldiers are fighting in Iraq side by side, covering each others backs.

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