Why is love always hurt why cant u always be happy and is arguing normal in a relationship?

arguing can be healthy but also destructive. you need to know the right way to communiciate

Being in a relationship is tough, I mean everyone argues, if you didn’t argue then there would be no point in being in a relationship. You start building bonds with each other and you start understanding what the other person wants you to understand. But love hurts too, sometimes you think u found the right person, but find out that their not the one, but its all apart of life.

Some disagreement in a relationship is normal. How you handle it is what’s important. If you can sit down and discuss your differences in a civil manner, great! However, if you stand there and yell at each other to make your case, not great. You’ll end up hurting each other’s feelings and that can destroy the relationship.

Love can’t always be happy because the two people in the relationship are individuals that have their own opinions and feelings, not clones that always feel the same way. You have to make allowances for the other person and be willing to give in occasionally.

I dont believe Love hurts. In a relationship there will always be disagreements if two people were so much alike and thought the same things then it would be an unhappy world. But try to talk things out and never go to bed angry with each other. There does not have to be someone that is right and someone that is wrong you can simply agree to disagree that is ok too. But if Love is hurting then there is a problem and you may need to seek counceling. We can not alway be happy in life things always arise but we should be able to handle it with the one we love.

Love hurts because there are two of you.. two separate people with different mind, opinions, tastes etc. So you cant always think and want the same thing however much you love each other. So at some point an argument is bound to arise. Besides a couple who don’t argue at all deffo have problems!!

Arguing is natural, but it’s how you overcome your differences what makes you build on the relationship. Do you talk things out and come to a conclusion and understanding, or do you walk away from the situation and not talk about it? Then those feelings will be tucked away inside and come out later with all the other ones that you’ve been hiding. Then you’ll do something you regret because you’re so angry.

Of course arguing is normal. But if you are not happy alone you won’t be happy in a relationship.

No relationship is perfect. Arguing happens in a relationship sometimes, but if it happens all the time, I’d say its time to get out of the relationship. you’ll STRESS YOURSELF, believe me, been there done that. GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN!! You’re in love so its probably hard, but if the two of you can’t get along, your just hurting yourself!!

If no one was hurt and everyone was happy in this world then it would be a boring life to live in this world.
Arguing is normal in a relationship,but agruements all the time in a relationship is destructive and abnormal,leading to breakups.

Arguments CAN be healthy in a relationship, but as someone else stated, they can also be destructive. You have to learn to pick your battles wisely. One thing that I had to learn is to stop and think before reacting on a topic. Think to yourself, “Is this really worth a fight”? If not, then just blow it off and keep going on about your business. Only fight about what is absolutely important, otherwise, you will only hurt your relationship more than help it.


you cant always be happy in a relationship because no two people are alike.it should be more happy times than sad though. and yes arguing is normal, not all the time though

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