Why would God make all females the child bearers, but Himself the bearer of all life male?

Now let’s get the technicalities out of the way, I realize that not all animals that reproduce have gender, and some living things reproduce asexually.

I also realize that God would not be male or female if He existed, but in the Bible, and I assume the Koran, He represents Himself as a male.

So why would…

I love this question. I think it’s great and it helps to point out how Christianity – and the religions from which it stems – was created by men and how they use it to support male dominance in societies since the written word. The Bible is full of male-dominance, a fact which a lot of casual Christians tend to forget. It’s also probably why those who interpret the Bible so literal (when they want to) think that homosexuality is so wrong, in men at least.

I don’t think god is of either sex, if such a thing exists. It just doesn’t make any sense to me.

Tucking Fypos…..If ? He does exist. And He did create both male and female. He Himself is the bearer of a father side , and a mothers side. I think you should know more about the Bible. When He revealed Himself, He revealed Himself as the Great I AM! Do you suppose there is a reason? I would love to see a female create “all life” without help! He refers to wisdom with a pronoun. That pronoun is she. Do you suppose theres a reason? Bet there is! Good Luck!

One of the earliest writings by a woman kind of deals with this gender issue. Julian of Norwich, who was a little crazy about religion like Joan of Arc, wrote about god as both mother and father. I believe (but I don’t know because I’ve never read it) that some passages of the Bible do in fact paint god as both a life giver in the motherly sense and as the father. So, god actually is of dual genders in Biblical writings.

However, what all-powerful being would limit itself to a specific sex?

And for the first few people who didn’t answer the question, every representation of god in Christian, Jewish, and Islamic religions is a male.

Anyway, if a god exists, consider this: By Biblical reasoning, women were made to give birth as a form of PUNISHMENT for Eve’s behavior. So, while God supposedly gives life, somehow, women giving life is considered a more lowly act (one not worth of reverence as God’s act is because who reveres a result of punishment?).

All of that confusion aside, I really don’t have an answer to your question as I think it is an excellent and valid observation.

God never made “himself” in man’s image… Man did that.

Biblical scholars agree that much of God’s “maleness” was written in by regular joe’s and kings… it wasn’t really emphasized originally.

That comes from a time when it was considered “appropriate” by the English to refer to important things and entities in the Male context and things that you “own” in the female context.

It has more to do with the English language than it does with what the Bible originally said…

As far as I’m concerned, there is no reason that a Christian couldn’t “see” God as a female if they were comfortable with that.

Well you are on the right track, that is you are starting to think. Keep it up and you can join me as an Agnostic. Probably take at least a couple of years but I have hope for you.

The Jewish ideas of G-d include both male and female aspects. One name for G-d is ‘av harachaman’, which is usually translated as ‘merciful father’. Rachem (mercy) has the same root as rechem (womb).

since God doesn’t reproduce…he doesn’t have a gender….in the Bible it says God the Father….because he wanted to make himself easier to understand

Because…god like boys..


Why are you so sure God was a man…….

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