Why wouldn’t Sen. McCain look at Sen. Obama during the debate last night?

We all know eye contact is important when trying to sell your point. So what does this say about what Sen McCain was arguing? Then too it shows a lack of respect when you can’t look at the person your talking to. Does Sen. McCain not respect Sen. Obama? Because Republicans like it or not Obama does represent a…

McCain has proven once again that he does not possess the temperament, manners or judgment to be a Commander and Chief. Obama was following the moderator’s directions to the T. McCain refused. McCain has a long history of being petulant, holding a grudge, refusing to work with people that he dislikes. Do we really need a president like this? H*** no! We lived with the village idiot in the White House for the past 8 years much to our country’s detriment around the world. If McCain refuses to be polite and statesmanlike with Sen. Obama–A COLLEAGUE–how in the world would he entertain world leaders he doesn’t like, enter negotiations, solve disputes, etc? These are major obligations of our President. McCain is petty, vengeful, lacks social graces and demonstrated this in posture, demeanor, lack of eye contact and through his stubborn refusal to follow directions.

Personally, I have watched debates before and have never seen such juvenile behavior from someone. It is a matter of protocol and normal courtesy to Speak with your opponent in a debate. It showed me that McCain is not a man of integrity or common sense. I had been undecided prior to the debate, but now I will definitely vote for O Bama. McCain has some good points, but Obama certainly had more detailed answers and more of the answers I was looking for to help this country. It’s my intention to vote for the best nominee regardless of party, since I will now be a Republican voting for a Democrat. Besides, the way McCain was constantly shifting, he looked like he was nervous and hiding something or even a bit insecure. I don’t want someone like that in the white house at all. It leads me to believe that, although my trust is not fully given to politicians in the first place, my trust would certainly be misplaced with a shifty, insecure, immature person such as McCain. Just my opinion…

I thought it was very strange and distracting that McCain wouldn’t look at Obama. The moderator asked them numerous times to talk to each other, but McCain wouldn’t have anything to do with that. Even when it was over, he barely glanced at Obama. Was McCain dissing him? I don’t know but, I thought it made McCain look insecure and intimidated–rattled. Not the look I want for our next President of the United States. Overall, I thought McCain did okay with his responses, but Obama did better, and still has my vote!

McCain did interrupt Obama, but did anyone notice how McCain would not even look at Obama the whole time. That to me was bit disrespectful.

I know… Obama addressed McCain directly MANY times… looking straight at McCain and addressing him by name. Initially… the moderator TOLD them to address eachother & McCain responded by saying “What? You don’t think I can hear him?” After that though Obama then addressed McCain directly repeatedly and looked straight at him. McCain could not manage it ONCE. As early polls indicate… people feel much more confident about Obama after the debate.

You there was that and how he was kinda smug, like each time Obama answered he would just crack a grin and almost laugh like he was debating with a child who acts like he knows it all. At one point he actually chuckled at Obama.

To be honest, I don’t think McCain sees Obama as someone to be taken seriously.

I know everyone noticed, I did not know his stragedy at all. It didnt leave anyone with a good impression of McCain. Obama really impressed everyone with his cool head, his answers to strengthen and bring respect to America once again.

I thought McCain’s body language was way more confident than Obama. Obama looked defensive and irritated most of the time.

McCain did not look at Obama on purpose..he didn’t want to acknowledge anything Obama was saying was true..and he doesn’t believe Obama is on the same level of experience as McCain. It was a brush-off…and it helped put Obama on the defense.

McCain acted condescending toward Obama in that debate. McCain was very un-presidential.

He was not addressing Obama with his answers yet the American people. To be honest with you I could not look a liar and a crook in the eye either- Obama is not worth his attention. This is about what he is going to do for us, not Obama. While Obama stood there looking smug and condescending to McCain, I do not think that is Presidential material myself.

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