Wireless internet, keeps disconnecting every minute or two?

Whenever I try to use my wireless internet, (Verizon router), I keep disconnecting every minute or two, for around 10 seconds at a time. I’ve tried my own research, pinging sites like yahoo in cmd, and it shows “request timed out”, 100% failure rate, even if the internet isn’t down at the time of…

I would try connecting a friend or family member’s laptop wirelessly. If that has the same problem, then you know there is a problem with the router.

If the problem doesn’t occur then there is most likely a fault in your wireless card or wireless dongle.

Turning off the wireless security isn’t a sensible option, in my opinion.

Sounds like your wifi signal is weak. Here’s a test..try moving your laptop closer to your router…not too close since right next to it might be inside its field and your signal will drop. If the signal holds and you have internet then your router (or your wifi adapter in your laptop) is crazy weak.

One thing you can do is adjust to increase the power of both your adapter and your router so they can hear each other better. You may need to put on a new firmware on your router e.g. dd-wrt to be able to change the Tx power level. For your laptop this feature is located under Advanced.

I get a lot of “server hangup” notices since my son got his new computer. He’s running some pretty big programs and going on line with games. I think he’s using a lot of cable (he’s hardwired into it, I’m on wireless), but I’m not sure if our router is a packet type router or a streaming router. (there is a difference).

I can upgrade to a wider band (we have our wireless pass-worded so no one in the neighborhood can patch in) or turn his damn computer off

attempt to do away with the conceivable motives. connect directly to the router particularly of employing the wifi. in case you nevertheless get disconnected after a jiffy, connect directly to the modem particularly of passing in the time of the router. in case you nevertheless get disconnected then you extremely’ve remoted the subject with the modem. call up your ISP and have them check out the modem they provided. If the modem isn’t the criminal then it is going to be the relationship from the wall to the modem. it could additionally be ISP’s terminal at their end.

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