Would You Like to Meet Yahoo!Answers Team?

Members of the Yahoo! Answers team will be in the Washington, D.C., area, on November 30 and we thought it would be a great opportunity to meet up with folks in the Answers community who live on the East Coast. Nothing formal or fancy, just a fun evening of food, drink, and conversation with others who are just as…

It would be very interesting to go and there’s so much I’d like to ask the Y/A team. The best part would be meeting other answerers though and getting to know them. If someone is able to go I hope they come back and tell us what it was like, if that wouldn’t be considered ‘chatting’. lol

Good news is being 18 you have alot of life ahead of you. Don’t give up so damn soon :))) Don’t be so hard on yourself, is good to wanna achieve some of the goals and achievements of your friends. But don’t try to match them too much as if you don’t it will feel like a fail. You need to think of your own goals and dreams !!! I went to a junior college in 1984 for 3 years directly after high school, for business. Graduated but later had wished I had worked a few years, then decided to go to school. I got a good job in telephone splicing back in ’89 as an apprentice with a friend. This consisted of lots of ups and downs. Having $1,000 a week….. Then scraping by for 10 cents to buy a soda for dinner the next. But after these struggles it turned into a steady career for the last 16 years. It takes time and persistence. Sometimes you can have someone take you as an apprentice or land a job interest without even looking, it does happen. Also you can try volunteering like at a animal shelter or other local projects. This can sometimes be a great way to meet some people and get some experience. As far as friends 10 can be great, but sometimes you will make 1 best friend who can also make a difference in your life. One way or another you gotta make your own choices and go for them. Some you will lose, but you will also win and will learn from all of them. Don’t set them too high as you may fail and give up, or to low that you can’t move up. If you can try living in a dorm or look for an apartment, it may seem scary at first, but it will also be good for you too. Just my 2 cents to you GOOD LUCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unfortunately I live to far away. I am sorry I will miss an opportunity to meet such a wise person as you and so sweet and some other people on here I have grown to think are the greatest.
Sage, what do you mean young people? You are not chopped liver, you should go and show them what young really is!

I wish I could come so I could meet some of you wonderful people in person. Plus, I would like to ask Yahoo to do something about all the violations and thumbs down. I think there ought to be a score card with each person’s profile to say how often they do that also.Anyway, have a great time. I’ll be thinking of you!

Oh hell yes…I’ll get my first
class flight reservation now…
and how about the downtown
Regency Hotel? Then I will
hire a limo to drive me over
to your stinking restaurant so
I can get a donut and coffee.
Oh hey, the “event” is free!!!
WOOOOO Is there going
to be a floorshow?
Get real people…You are
talking to the very low income
poverty class now. We’re
lucky to pay the monthly
ISP charge to be on this
* * * * website. Ok, so I just
got a violation. Who cares!!!
Its those d a m n e d meds
they gave me today.

You bet! And any members of Yahoo Answers that could be there. Sounds like fun! I didn’t get to attend the one in California last year, but some day…someday…

Would be fun to meet with friends on here but no interest in the YA Answers Team.

Considering the way they’ve reacted to our appeals for reconsideration of violations, and the way they’ve ignored us on the subject of trolls or treated us like dementia-afflicted seniors, I really don’t want to meet them. I’m not sure I could hold my tongue.

Did I miss something ? Is the answers team a group of celebrities or something ?

Trust me, they do NOT want to meet me! I love Yahoo Answers, I hate how they handle trolls. IF I can come up with an easy solution, why can’t they? Phil

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