Bed wetting 5 yr old, hints and tips please :)?

My (nearly) 5 year old still wets the bed most nights. LIke my other 2 boys he was dry day AND night by 2 1/2 and all was well until he caught a nasty cold/virus just after turning 3. He had a couple of wet nights which we put down to him being so poorly, but then he never seemed to get back on track.
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Can you imagine that people use to beat their kids and other siblings would tease them about wetting the bed? Think about it who would purposely wet themselves each night or even on occasion? It would really piss me off when someone would tell me they punished their child for wetting the bed.

Your child’s bladder wall has not finish strengthening itself. In most of us the bladder has fully developed by age 4, but in some of us it develops late and this condition is inherited so either father or mother was also a bed wetter or grandma or grandpa.

If stopping liquids at 1 and 1/2 hour before bed is not working then stop liquids 2 or 3 hours before bed – if he is thirsty you can give him a small piece of sugarless gum instead. Your doctor can also intervene and help with this condition it will go away, but the embarrassment and humiliation the child can experience can leave mental scars so discuss this with your pediatrician as soon as possible.

Also teach your other kids to help him and not tease him and explain to the child that it is not his fault and you and dad are going to help him. P.S. – if he is a deep sleeper you are right, signals from the brain to a weak bladder will not wake him up to the urge to urinate – thereby the body relieves itself automatically.

You are a great mom for asking this question and wanting to help your baby.

A lot of people pee in the bed after the age of 4. Some adults pee in the bed more frequent then others. It’s not uncommon.

First I would suggest not to make him feel like he’s bad or inferior because he wets the bed. Be as understanding as possible.

Next, you should talk to him and try to pin point the problem. Maybe he’s scared of the dark and doesn’t want to go in the bathroom by himself. There should be a night light in every area from where he sleeps to the bathroom.

Maybe there is no problem and he is just a hard sleeper. You would have to take the time to wake up and make him use the bathroom at night until the accidents stop happening. Could be a little hassle for you but it just might work.

If you are making sure his last fluids are an hour and a half before bed, try 2 or 2 and a half hours before bed.

Combining all of them may be the key.

The reason I say that is because my 3 year old daughter is wearing pull-ups at night because she has her accidents every now and then. But now she is getting up and using the bathroom on her own. That’s because she told me she didn’t like the dark. We have a one bedroom apt but she sleeps in her own bed in the room with us. The bathroom is right next to our room, so I put a night light in our room, the small area outside of our room and in the bathroom. She does FABULOUS!

Also, I have an adult friend to has confided in me about their bed wetting accidents. About 3 months ago, she was wetting the bed like 3 times a week. She was so embarrassed. So she went to WebMD and read up on it. She has set her alarm to wake herself up about every 2-3 hours. She was getting up about 3-4 times a night to go to the bathroom. She called me recently and told me that she has been sleeping through the night for about 2 weeks. Only getting up once.She still lets the alarms go off 3-4 times a night, but now she said she can just roll over and go back to sleep, she doesn’t have that urgency anymore. So I am very proud of her. Mind you, she is 25 years old.

So.. Good Luck to you.

Whatever you do, DO NOT make him feel that he is wrong in ANY way. I know, it has to stop, but to a 5 year old, it will do no good to place any blame whatsoever.

What you are doing is good. It is not always easy (for a kid) to wake up, know that he needs to go to the bathroom, and go. My 5 year old daughter does have this problem very rarely, but usually I hear her crying, I go to her and ask her if she needs to go. Usually she does, but most of the time, she cannot even say that she needs to go.

I just try to make her go before bed, limit water right before bed, and try to empower her to get to the bathroom on her own, by lighting the way and encouraging her when she is awake. I try to tell her that when it happens at night that she can just get up and go. I think that placing that possibility into her mind does have an effect.

The big thing is not to shame him. It will only get worse.

I am not an expert but I look after 4 boys and I also have a 19 month old and the oldest boy is 13 and wets the bed and the 5 yrs old does as well…..I have found that both the boys are quite insecure…..and they both lie a lot…so not tToosure if the insecurities have anything to do with it, but maybe look into the pphysiologicalside of it??? good luck

Try the night time nappy pants the ones that feel like underpants and make sure that he goes to the toilet before going to bed and maybe on the odd night put normal underpants on him and see how he goes. I know for my eldest child I used the night time pull up pants for a week and then put normal underpants on him, yeh he maybe wet the bed every night or every second or third night but encourage him that he didnt wet the bed.

try taking him to the doctors they can give you special equpiment that will wake the child as soon as they start to pee so they can go to the toilet. he will then learn by default to get up and go to the loo my brother had a problem until the age of 7 when he was given a thing to put in his pants that started so vibrate with an alarm to wake him it sounds rude i know but it worked for him

ok you firstly need to make sure he isnt having nightmares so maybe put a nice scent in his room like lavinder because it makes him sleepy..
then make sure he doesnt drink anything and maybe let him check around his room in case he is having a nightmares and doesnt realise… then sit next to him as he goes to bed but make sure he has gone to the toilet first. see how it goes and see if it makes him feel better..
if not try a type of nappy that makes him feel it so he doesnt like it and if not then you need to get him to start stripping his bed even though he is 5 because he doesnt like this chore and so he will stop doing it..
that worked on my brother
good luck

have you got a light on in the night? it may be thats hes afraid of the dark and too scared to get out of bed to go the bathroom?

no but to save your sanity, i’d get him some of those over night pull ups. you guys can still work with him, but this way you won’t have to keep ruining your mattress.

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