Do conservative republicans usually look like yuppies and drive volvos?

And do the guys usually dress nice, wear cologne and look like fags?

No one drives Volvos any more.

No dear that would be East Coast liberal people and the West coast liberal people drive a Prius.

Nope I drive my Dodge Ram Quad Cab and wear my boots.

we are doomed
our nation is now a laughing stock of the world
the entitlement in this country is turning us into a European state a nation of idiots a nation of ignorants

No. People with Volvo’s generally think for themselves.

average repkkkon looks, smells, and acts OLD

Nah. We’re more classy, intelligent, and open minded.

Ever seen a redneck? You think they voted for Obama? Try harder.

It is liberals who have their sex roles reversed, Einstein.


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